Freedom Fries: And Other Stupidity We’ll Have to Explain to Our Grandchildren

Freedom Fries: And Other Stupidity We’ll Have to Explain to Our Grandchildren

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Produced by Carl Christman, “Freedom Fries and Other Stupidity We’ll Have to Explain to Our Grandchildren”, explores the phenomenon of “hollow patriotism” that has been occurring for some time in the U.S.  As the French Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, Dominique de Villepin, explicitly opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq following the attacks of 9/11 many, including Congress, took their own twist on sticking it to France for their “anti-American” behavior. Changing the name of a non-French dish, French Fries were renamed “Freedom Fries” on many menus including the Congressional cafeteria. Further, some decided that purchasing French wine and spilling it out in the gutter was another way to really make France sorry for their “anti-American” behavior.

The film takes a comical viewpoint on the media coverage and acts of individuals, for if we do not laugh the only thing left to do is cry at the stupidity that has purposely been programmed into a major part of the American people. Those pouring out the French wine thought they were the modern day Boston Tea Party, however, they forgot one little detail the tea was stolen. Purchasing French wine in order to pour it out, is not quite the same. Additionally, renaming a food product that is not French to begin with probably simply got some laughs out of the French. The fact that the U.S. Government showed support for such ridiculous acts only adds insult to injury, therefore a comical approach is really the only approach to take in regards to this “patriotism”.

The film goes on to show us the real agenda of the post 9/11 propaganda fed to Americans by mainstream media and even the President himself, asking Americans to shop in order to show the “terrorists” that they were not successful. Consumerism and patriotism fueling the stupidity of the American ignorant and promoting displays of ignorance. As the title suggests, how will we explain this to our grandchildren?

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7.75/10 (12 votes)

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8 responses to “Freedom Fries: And Other Stupidity We’ll Have to Explain to Our Grandchildren”

  1. Darr says:

    Not a bad watch. Good/accurate critique of consumerism’s role in American society. One thing I disagree with is the claim that Americans have not been asked to make real sacrifices post 911. Americans have been forced to sacrifice their rights, freedom, privacy in the name of the post 911 homeland security panic that is still happening.

    • glo says:

      I disagree that we have been forced to make any sacrifices. We, the people, have given up all of our rights out of fear and ignorance, fed by the very people who are “protecting” us and our rights.

    • Mark Twain says:

      Could not agree with you more Darr. Except I would add that in addition to sacrificing our rights, freedom, and privacy, Americans have also been asked to sacrifice our collective delusion of a federal government that abides the rule of law. As Justice Brandeis warned almost a century ago: “Our Government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the
      whole people by its example. Crime is contagious. If the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man
      to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.” Olmstead v. US (1928)

  2. Maristuff says:

    Patriotism implies sacrafice for your nation.Bumper stickers, cheap flags and silly talk just don’t qualify.
    Just a side note: The incident that triggered off Nixons dropping of the gold standard was when a French war ship entered New york harbor in a symbolic jesture demanding gold in return for the worthless paper dollars they posessed.You see, the US government was unwilling to tax the American people (the ultimate sacrafice for many americans) to pay for the increasingly unpopular war in Vietnam.God forbid we should ask the people to sacrafice something in support of a cause.

  3. Bella Button says:

    I’m sure the French had a good laugh over that. Good on the French. I wish Australia could have done the same. Victims of 911 have the US government to partly blame for it. Sickening.

  4. BlogZilla says:

    Stop shopping? Yes Reverend Billy should have eaten the words he preaches when he performed that hideous hair dye job on his frock and bought that disgusting preacher pimp suit….LOL .. He was a hoot.

  5. Dave Dso says:

    don’t worry, they are making sure that no more generation alive so they won’t need to explain any action or lack of action

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