Future Documentaries

Mars Calling

Manifest Destiny or Grand Illusion?

There are some who see Mars as a frontier of freedom and prosperity—the next home for humans. But the true Mars is a failing world, harsh cold, bone dry, and with a toxic landscape.

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The Seed Vault

Nestled in the frozen Norwegian landscape lies the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. It can be described as a library of life with an incomplete catalog.

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If I Die on Mars

Hundreds of years from now, few people will remember the names of famous celebrities, but everyone will remember the names of those four brave men and women who were the first to live on Mars.

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The Year of Pluto

Our Solar System has a mysterious zone that holds the clue to our origins. NASA has been trying since 2006 to gain access to this zone aboard the biggest rocket yet.

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The Choice is Ours

This two-part documentary film by Roxanne Meadows and Joel Holt explores the determinants of behavior to dispel the myths and prove that environment shapes human behavior.

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The Mars Underground

Pioneers for the Next World

For some, Mars is the answer to man’s future survival. Others say Mars is too far, too dangerous, and too expensive for humans to explore.

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NOVA: Can We Live Forever?

Can We Live Forever? Technology has made this question less rhetorical nonsense and more practical planning. Surgery, drugs, and the study of DNA have all contributed to a human species living into our 80’s, 90’s, and even 100’s.

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Brave New World with Stephen Hawking

Machines The team showcase breakthroughs in technology and engineering that are creating a new generation of machines. Mark Evans fuses his brain with a computer in Switzerland to test a new breed of machine.

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