From One Second to the Next

From One Second to the Next

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The comforts of mobile phones have led to some unintended and even dangerous consequences. In fact, about 40% of teenagers have confessed that they have been in a car while the driver was texting. Texting while driving is simply a bad idea. Most people seem to agree on that, however many continue to do it. This film, by the legendary Werner Herzog, shares the powerful stories of people who experienced first hand the costs of engaging in this habit.

Statistics suggest that over 1.3 million accidents per year involve drivers that were texting while driving. In 2011 over 23% of auto collisions involved a cell phone, and the numbers continue to climb. The minimal amount of time that your attention is taken off the road is 5 seconds, but that is just enough time to wreck havoc.

A young boy is violently snatched from his sister’s hand because a woman was texting “I’m on my way.”  A young man texts “I love you” to his wife just before running into a buggy and killing three children. An active professional woman is carried on the hood of a vehicle after being struck by a teenager who was texting while driving. One rainy morning, a young man is so focused on his texting that he crosses over the freeway center-line and causes an accident that killed two men.

Story after heartbreaking story tells how one selfish bad decision can change and destroy lives forever. Those victims who were not killed end up with thousands of dollars in hospital medical bills and the pain of having to adjust to their disabilities.

One man states that he can’t even remember what he was texting or reading at the time of the accident, which goes to show just how unimportant it was. This habit is not limited to teenagers and young adults, but statistics show that a number of people over 30 are also DWI— driving while “intexticated.”

Texting while driving seems like a such a minor hiccup but this documentary will remind you that it is not.

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