Al Jazeera Witness: Daughters of the Brothel

Al Jazeera Witness: Daughters of the Brothel

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This is the remarkable story of Naseema, who at a young age was abandoned from both her mother and father. She was taken in and raised by a woman she calls her ‘grandmother’. Although they are not of blood relation, this woman reveals on camera that Naseema is the only one she has ever loved. 26 minutes long.

Naseema was raised by her ‘grandmother’ in the Chaturbhuj-sthan brothel in Bihar, home to approximately 10,000 other women and children. It is essentially one large brothel in which she was able to rise above and became the first girl in its history to receive an education. Witness: Daughters of the Brothel tells her story of how she was able to use her education to better the lives of other women and children residing in the brothel.

This film also reveals the emotional story of a young girl from Bangladesh who had thought she was coming to India for marriage. She was told she was going to marry a friend of her brother-in-law’s, but that wasn’t the case. Luckily Naseema was able to rescue her and put her inside a government shelter. Unfortunately the girl’s family will not allow her to return home, as they are worried she will give them a bad name.

Witness: Daughters of the Brothel takes viewers inside this brothel and others in India. Complete with archived footage from some of the sex workers phones, this is a riveting film.

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6.73/10 (55 votes)

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