In Search of a Flat Earth

In Search of a Flat Earth

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The search began when somebody made a video of the coastline of lake Winnewanka indicating that the water clearly had no curvature and hence was proof that the Earth is flat. Lake Winnewanka was actually a great pick because it’s long and there is a lot of shoreline with several kilometers of unobstructed line of sight. Also, the lake does not have any meaningful tidal movement.

Lake Winnewanka in Alberta, Canada is perfect for day trips, boating, hiking, and scuba diving. The outlet has been dammed three times: first in 1895, then in 1912, and once more in 1941. This raised the surface of the lake over 25 meters. In the process, the original shoreline, a small settlement town, and dozens of ancient worksites were flooded. Some of the ruins have become popular diving destinations and an ideal place to demonstrate the curve of the Earth.

Nominally “Flat Earth” is a belief that the Earth isn’t a globe, but actually flat. The belief is that this fact is being kept from “us” by a power-hungry “them” for nefarious and unscrupulous purposes.  However, the shape of the Earth might actually be the least important belief of Flat Earth.

This viewpoint is a syncretic biblical philosophy that is both Evangelical and Apocalyptic. Syncretism is the process of creating new texts out of the desirable parts of old texts. As a syncretic belief system, Flat Earth includes information from many different sources that has been forged into something resembling an agreement.

QAnon is a fascist biblical esoteric Apocalypse cult that believes that an anonymous government agent known as “Q” is leaking sensitive top-secret information to patriots. The information leaked reveals the identity of the political and cultural opponents of former US President Donald J Trump. These opponents are the minions of Satan-worshiping pedophiles in charge of kidnapping, molesting, and terrorizing children. They believe that all these things need to occur before the ‘swamp is drained’ and a golden age of peace and prosperity called The Great Awakening is ushered in. Sounds extreme? Find out more now.

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