Extreme Cave Diving

Extreme Cave Diving

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Dr. Kenny Broad and his team of divers plunge in to explore the mysterious blue holes of the Bahamas. It is believed that these underwater time capsules formed during the last ice age, the salt water is trapped without oxygen under fresh water in these deep underwater caves. Every dive into these unexplored caves is an exhilarating and dangerous endeavor with the divers grateful to come out of each dive alive. The divers never know what they are going to run into, they may even find colleagues from the past who never made it out.

These time capsules hold stories of the past and climate changes throughout the years of Earth’s past. Because of the lack of oxygen fossils are conserved intact at the bottom of these gorgeous underwater palaces. As we presently experience climate changes due to global warming and the sort, explorers and scientists understand the importance of investigating these story telling historical treasures. The team removes a piece of a stalagmite from a cave that is then cut down the middle with a diamond cutter. This stalagmite can be dated and studied for clues about climate changes throughout Earth’s history much like tree-ring dating, take a look at what they believe to discover from this stalagmite. As ice glaciers melt and rising sea levels become a threat, the existing blue holes are expected to become flooded with water allowing oxygen to enter the depths of the caves. This means that existing fossils would immediately begin to decay destroying the precious and unexplored historical information contained within.

Currently blue holes are one of the least explored ecosystems on the planet due to the dangerous nature of such expeditions. Divers must follow strict diving rules for these caves, and they must carry equipment on top of backup equipment because they never know what to expect on a dive. This film offers us an opportunity to dive in with these brave explorers as they journey inside the beautiful depths of the blue holes in the Bahamas, gather fossils and relics, and encounter the dangers of such dives.

Watch this stunning PBS Nova documentary to take a journey into one of Earth’s most dangerous and beautiful underwater frontiers.

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6.00/10 (3 votes)

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