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Internet Rising looks at the relationship that exists between the world wide web and human collective consciousness. Documentaries like this one provokes interspersion about the very device you are on right now. Questions asked include: ancient and contemporary paradox, pleasure and pain, etc. 


The documentary doesn’t choose one side over the other. In fact, it is the grey area between pleasure and pain that is most discussed.

A wide array of specialists and participants are interviewed. Internet influencers that range from profs  to futurists and historiesn, to bloggers, to media companies, educations, and teenagers in their parents basements,  all of whom provide smart insights on how our globe is shaping via various forces of economic, social, geographic, political, philosophical development… all rotating around technology’s transformative and generative power.

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4.43/10 (28 votes)

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10 responses to “INTERNET RISING”

  1. Roy says:

    “It’s not that God created the universe, but rather that the universe lead to the emergence of something where the metaphor of God might apply.”


    Great doc.  Although, there is a fair amount of woo-woo here, I find many of these ideas less ‘out-there’ than they might appear at first glance.

  2. Videoeyes says:

    The Computer & Internet is simply a machine crunching numbers FAST and a lot of memory Hubbed together, “The Internet”. That’s all it is….^V^! 

    • Dat_Pattern says:

      The brain & nervous system is simply a machine sending lots of impulses FAST and a lot of synapses Hubbed together, “The Neural Net.”  That’s all it is….^V^! 

    • Duck says:

      You have to project the idea into the future. It’s not hard to imagine that one day technology will become so advanced and small that we would be able to fit it inside the human ear, brain etc. If we could all instantaneously communicate wirelessly through advanced technology and an advanced internet, we would effectively become synapses in a larger brain and who knows what the implications of that are. That is what is referenced when the documentary mentions “…to the emergence of something where the metaphor of God might apply.”

  3. Patio52 says:

    There is some interesting info, but it’s so choppy, it’s hard to follow.  Rather than actual interviews, you get fast paced pop up windows with comments.

  4. Ed says:


  5. He will have power to give life to the beast and cause it to speak, this impossible scripture( only the Christ can give life, not the demonic) now appears to have a means of manifesting exactly as described. The USA has always spoke as a lamb and acted as a dragon, through out it’s entire history.the only breath of fresh air was the minutes between the civil rights legislation and the Vietnam era draft and the, it still tic’s me off, Vietnam war. Antichrist also wants the internet to be perceived as a free speech apparatus. while acting as a dragon on the internet whenever it concerns the reboot of the present system which is played out ,due to the massive debts. The new world reserve currency will be fiat, and the banking system fractional reserve, exactly as it is now, and it would fail, just as this one is, but it is the most profitable for the super rich, so that’s what were going to get, like it or not.I trust no one, only God.

  6. B says:

    Not a particularly good documentary. It’s relatively informative, but it’s too choppy and there’s very little focus.

  7. Jeff Jadick says:

    first I’d like to say that the subject matter of this documentary is fantastic and is a discussion that is essential to everyone on the planet! Second I must say that the epileptic acid trip format of the film is an affront to the subject matter being disseminated. I cannot believe that this film maker could possibly think that this was a good way to present this subject, one that should be focused on and reflected about he choses to present in a unfocused method of chaos.

  8. TG Evans says:

    God did create the universe; that is the only logical, scientific conclusion. The alternative is fantasy built on doubt, supported by a wide range of clever minds who fret about faith.

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