The Collective Evolution

The Collective Evolution

112 minutes 9.17/10 based on 6 votes

The Collective Evolution is a documentary aimed at showing the current state of the world, why it needs to be changed, and how each and every one of us can play a role in changing it.

The documentary also addresses this need for change through five individual yet interrelated structures society has come to rely upon –finance, education, religion, entertainment/ media, and health/ food.

Each of these structures is fully broken down to show viewers how they have come into place, and why their continued existence can no longer be supported.

The Collective Evolution concludes by drawing attention to consciousness. Addressing who we truly are, what we have come on this planet to do, and most importantly how we can go about doing it.

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9.17/10 (6 votes)

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24 responses to “The Collective Evolution”

  1. George says:

    Very inspiring documentary!

  2. Tom says:

    Ok… stoneface interviews, completely blank. Sure, they got the hearts and minds set in the right place, the production however, is very boring and uninspired. Furthermore, whats been conveyed here has been told in other, better, documentaries.
    Its like a bunch of college student thinking they had the greatest idea in the world, wanting to blow it out to the world as fast as possible, completely oblivious to the fact its actually not that good.
    At least delete those stonefaced interviews(shorten it and replace it with shots corrosponding to what youre talking about), spin in a red thread story, interview the people in power, etc.
    There is a lot more to making movie/documentaries than just having the heart in the right place amigos. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Hal says:

    i see what your saying, but in all fairness, I don’t think these guys care at all about the quality of the interviews and style of film. Their passion seems to be in the information and in that aspect I feel they did very well. Some very enlightening stuff and wise thoughts. I think we need to look at it more for that then what the style of interview was like. But thats just my 2cents as well.

  4. David says:

    This is easily one of the most impressive documentaries i’ve seen on the subject in quite a while. Great job! Shared!!

  5. qwertyguy says:

    great doc. some challenging stuff im still trying to wrap my head around, but i liked the style of this.

  6. Jonesnwo says:

    was quite surprised at how this turned out in the end. beginning seemed like it was gonna go in a different direction, but it saved itself in the end.. great doc.

  7. Mark says:

    If you guys liked this, I would highly recommend zeitgeist and zeitgeist addendum, which are far better productions, and really nails the issues on the head, and provides alternatives for our society. The collective evolution steals a lot from the 2, ALOT! . This production just skates around the subject, makes some ‘deep’ ‘metaphysical’ claims. Seriously, explain to me someone, what is your ‘higher self’? what is your ‘soul’? what is “collective evolution?!” is this evolution alluding the Darwin’s theory of natural selection or some more metaphysical verbiage that make little syntactic sense but rather draw references to vague emotions and feelings.

    I’ll tell you who’s making a change and a real splash right now, Julian Assange. A guy who’s putting a lot on the line to make a change, wether you like him or not.

    • Macuser says:

      Zeitegist is a very different kind of documentary compared to this actually. It doesnt delve into consciousness at all where as this one does. Zeitgeist is good and well done, but its solutions are based on technology, that isnt the problem here.. the problem is human consciousness. If you watch the collective evolution again, you’ll see that they talk about as they say “clearing programs” and “beliefs” which they say is what is holding up the structures. I would say this documentary is far beyond what the makers of zeitgeist understand as zeitgeist just solves thing from a techonology point of view which doesnt change the fact that there is soo much greed, power and control. I think with the collective evolution, people really need to watch it more than once to get it.

  8. leeth says:

    Cool concept, great intention, but….eek! onboard mics??? Please use booms / contact mics! Just sounds baaaad without it. Like a student project when you didn’t get to take Production 101 yet. Ouchers.Hard to take this seriously in this form. Also, talking heads that aren’t experts…..lil bit sad.

  9. Mystic Mind says:

    Finally a documentary that brings it all. Awesome work!

  10. Carl says:

    I’ve only seen half of the documentary so far so I shouldn’t judge it all, but must say what I think so far.
    Love the concept of it and that they just don’t bring up environment but also society. + for that.

    However so far it’s just a bunch of complaints….They’re just complaining of how horrible society is and that we’re machines and we should learn how to be creative instead of science, and complain about consuming things we don’t need, and of course money.

    1. In my world, if you are creative and think out of the box, you come up with new ideas and solutions to problems, not just sitting complaining and pointing at problems. Remember it’s always easier to complain than actually trying to do something. Hope it’s coming in the second half

    2. Well have you thought of why these societies, consumation products, money, obsession with constantly doing things come from?
    The filmmakers are for example upset with the fact that we buy stuff we don’t really need for our survival and others profit from it. All so we can do more things all the time.
    Well turn back the clock to where people had to struggle for food, health and survival. Then the need for hobbies and things to occupate our free time with was zero. Simply because we spent the time looking for, cultivating, food and building shelters to keep us warm.
    Since it’s become increasingly easier to survive we don’t need to spend that much time surviving –> we have time over –> we want things to fill up that time with to not be bored doing nothing –> demands for entertainment and things.

    3. You talk all the time of being creative. My question is just: how can you be creative if you don’t have basic knowledge of things? (which education offer), and what is the thing about being creative? Is that the ultimate goal? And if you wanna throw over society and go back to every man for himself, how would you have time to be creative if you are occupied trying to survive?
    Where I come from education is not an evil thing where you are shaped into a robot. It’s where we learn how to citisize sources, think for ourselves, and of course learn basic science. But let’s face it: Without education you wouldn’t have been able to do this film, the mean survival of the population in general would be maybe half of today (if you don’t learn about bacteria, viruses and how to prevent their spread, nutrition, exercise etc. you’ll die pretty soon) and where do you think the doctors and nurses that keep you alive when you’re sick came from? Is it with no education and a lot of creativity they came up with this healing stuff?

    No leave education out of this (well I agree with you when it comes to education in political and financial sciences, They’re useless).
    Education is the basis of the progress you talk about and where we can learn from previous mistakes and don’t have to repeat experiments from before.

    Ok I’ve given it a lot of shit so far but don’t get me wrong, I like it but maybe they need to think more before they critisize that much, and I want SOLUTIONS, not complaints of how bad it is.

    Now I’ll keep on watching :)

  11. Carl says:

    Ok, I’ll stop watching right away.
    They had me listening, very critically but still listening, right until somewhere after 1h and 10min. When this pseudoholy guy sits and tells us that he has never been vaccinated against anything and he still didn’t contract a single of those diseases. Then I got seriously mad!!! Haha he says he’s been travelling and they show pictures of Italy. And he claims “I have never got any of the diseases they wanted to vaccinate me against”, well has it occured to you that the vast majority around you is vaccinated so you are not exposed to them, so thanks to their sacrifice he is safe. But this only works if people follow the vaccination program. What he’s saying is idiotic and selfish.
    Who the f***k do these guys think they are, and why do they think they are capable of critisizing vaccines.

    Have you ever seen a person cough out his lungs full of blood due to a little disease called TB?? Have you ever had to tell anyone that they’re slowly dying from liver failure (Hepatitis B) and there is actually nothing we can do to cure you??
    You f***king ignorant imbeciles. I have seen those things because I work with it, and am now located in eastern Europe where they haven’t had the fortune to grow up in the protected and well vaccinated world of Canada (or wherever you’re from). Maybe you should’ve listened a bit more in school instead of critisizing it.

    And please explain just how vaccination shots when you’re a kid incorporates you into the evil system??????? Have you seen too many sci-fi movies and read too little real science?????


  12. Carl says:

    Oh you crazy idiots. Do you think it is a secret that medicine has side effects?? It’s known and free for all to read about.

    The idea with medications are that they are MORE beneficial than they cause harm. Read MORE!!

    I’m gonna take a very easy example so you idiots can understand:
    – You don’t give chemotherapy (cytotoxic drugs) that harms your whole body, unless you have Cancer because then the harmful effects outweigh the benefits (which would be none).
    The same rule applies to all medicines. You don’t take painkillers unless you have pain that you can’t bare. Because there is no such thing as a “safe” drug but when the benefits outweigh the harms they are justified.

    Sure the pharmaceutical business is dirty, but I’m sorry, we do get sick, and not by our own choice, and if you don’t want to die slowly and painfully from simple things medicines help you in general.

    Trust your Doctor who actually knows something about this instead of these hippies!!!!

  13. Carl says:

    Ok did this guy, 1:25:44, seriously question that we need to consume energy??????? Who are these people???

    “Since everything basically consists of the same things, how come we can’t create energy by our own, why do we need to consume energy”

    HAHAHAHA funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time. These guys don’t even deserve to be shown here, take this film off the internet PLEASE!!!
    And go back to school

  14. The book says:

    yea… this was probably the biggest load of bullshit i’ve seen in a long time. I have no idea why some of the other comments give this so high credits. Absolutely horrible.

  15. Durey says:

    If they had not featured David Ike of Illuninati and little green men fame I might have been inspired.

  16. Daniela says:

    CE asks at 20:45 “How do you feel about the current financial system and the overall role of money?”
    The guy to the left answers “It’s pretty corrupt” and the hairy guy to the right answers “Yeah, it needs to be changed, but I don’t have the solution, that’s for sure, I don’t understand economics.”
    Other answers are
    “The way of governments and … to control us.”
    “… without money we’d all be rich.”

    That’s symptomatic for this and many other documentaries of this type. They don’t offer solutions, because no one of the interviewees has any knowledge, any meaningful insight into the problems. They are right, some areas need some change. But just whining about something they don’t understand won’t help anyone. Do yourself a favour: Watch some insightful documentaries about economics and politics, learn how the system really works and make a meaningful contribution. Don’t publish two hours of vague, uninformative footage which basically shows that you would like to see a change happen. But which, above all, shows that you won’t be the ones that change the world simply because you appear as dumb laymen if you make dumb comments like the ones above.

    • Mike says:

      Reading your comments I have to ask you a question,what do you mean by whining?They were not whining in any way only trying to get a message across.

      The problem with “our” world is morals and dominant left brain thinking!
      Societies leaders,(both politicians and the hidden powers that be) are a reflection of the morals of society. Another words we have ALL allowed the way the world is to happen and we all have to take responsibility to make change! If those in society are unwilling to change the way they think then there will be drastic consequences VERY soon.

      The message in this video is we all chose to exsperience this and now it’s time to make changes as the old ways are not working anymore,(never did!) and it’s time to level the playing field. Change your way of thinking to a more positive and earth friendly way and it will catch on and force those who mean to run the show to change there ways to adapt or dissapear. If we do not change our way of thinking very soon these same controllers will have tyranical control the worst the world has ever seen!

      Don’t ridicule and make change wheather you believe in this message or not because deep down you know it’s up to all of us!

  17. J says:

    This piece of shit is just awful. Just another group of assholes who want to feel that they have some special knowlage to stroke there ego’s with. None of it made any sense. Its full of holes large enough to drive a mac truck through. and no basis or proof of any of it. If we all agreed on this shit, then whats the fucking problem? Its all just expreacnses right? and its not even real. Just a playground we made up. So first they say nothing is like it seems, so there cant really be a problem, but then they try to make up a problem to fix. If any of this is true, which its not, then nothing truly matters anyways. So who gives a fuck? Just sit back and experiance all this nonsense. Fuck it. I’m so sick of this hippie we are one bullshit. I would like to see these pricks tell rape and torture victims, people so poor they are slowly starveing to death, that they chose that life, so it’s ok, just an expreance. We get it, you hate the gov. and wanna feel special. No need to keep keep doing this. Just leave us alone and let us have our experances. And no need to feel upset reading this. After all you chose all this and its just to give you growth……assholes. I hope you expreace alot of pain in life, it will help you grow.

  18. Shawn says:

    I enjoyed reading the comments more than watching this documentary. In a word…Gobbledygook.

  19. Yewhous says:

    i appreciate the message, and that the makers of this film want to help shape the future in a more positive way, however i would offer some constructive criticism…   there is a common expression which says that ‘the medium is the message’  and in this case the medium is an amatuerish style and discussions / lectures which come across as somewhat sophomoric. unfortunately this image perpetuates a stereotype which people have invariably used to dismiss such discussions.  from reading other comments here it seems that many people like me found this growing very tiresome about half way through. i feel i am hearing information that is not new or insightful and often it is presented by people who dont seem to have thought about the subject very much at all.       the fact that the system is broken is obvious to a geeat many people and has been for a very long time.    why hasnt it changed then ?    certainly not for a lack of young adults  pointing it out.

  20. Parsons E B says:

    I really hate that I even paid this attention, it doesn’t deserve it and it is time I can never get back!

  21. Allen says:

    Thank you for sharing your perspectives agree and disagree with various parts but this did get me to thinking about some of these things i hadent thought about before which was my goal in watching this in the first place.thought provoking content i rate a 8/10 presentation tho i rate as a 4/10.i think the presentation could have been done better with a ‘the man from earth’ approach a bit better than it was

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