Searching for Meaning

Searching for Meaning

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Death is a natural part of living.  Every single one of us will die at some point. As somebody pointed out ‘none of us will survive; it’s just a matter of when and how we will die’.

This award-winning documentary explores the meaning of living and dying and how we deal with it as a society.

Different cultures view death in different ways. Some talk about it openly and have no fear of it. Others treat it like an inappropriate topic, although it’s unavoidable. Some cultures celebrate death and see it as a transition to a more advanced state, while others view it as the end of suffering.

However, some experts are realizing that things change when people are allowed to speak about death freely. Dying Matters is a fantastic campaign that aims to start conversations about death and to bring it into modern society in a way that makes it easier to deal with. To this end they organize different activities where people of all ages and all backgrounds come together to eat and just talk about death. They call it Death Cafes. The response has been mind blowing and these Death Cafes have been set up all over the world. People open up and share their experiences with dead loved ones, their wishes for their own funerals, and their fears once they sense that the topic is socially acceptable.

The way each one of us handles death is an absolute reflection of how we lived our lives and how our relationships worked.

End of life or palliative care has become extremely important in the last few years because death involves the entire family and friends, even the community at times. Those organizations that offer this service have had to broaden their scope in order to deliver high quality care.

Studies show that by 2030 there will be 8 billion humans alive and 1 in 8 will be over age 65. In developed countries the elderly make up a quarter of the entire population. Some believe that we’re not only living longer, but also better. This poses a few problems because the social, intellectual, and physical needs of the elderly need to be met if they are to have a high quality life. Watch this though-provoking documentary now.

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9.71/10 (7 votes)

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