Seeds of Death

Seeds of Death

Unveiling The Lies of GMO's

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In today’s supermarkets, you’d be hard-pressed to find food that didn’t contain some form of genetically modified substances. These genetically modified substances’ effects on our health are completely unknown and Big Industry players such as Monsanto, DuPont, and Syngenta, are essentially exposing us to one of the largest and dangerous science experiments ever conducted on our civilization.

Over the past ten years or so, there has been a huge surge in the awareness of the potential dangers and effects these foods may have on our health. However, proponents of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) in the food industry, who all happen to have a vested interest in it’s use, argue that using bioengineered food is necessary to keep up with the world’s population demand for food. This claim isn’t backed by much evidence and many are skeptical.

The controversy is, do these GMOs really bring value to us as a society or is it doing more damage than anything else. This full-length feature film documentary, Seeds of Death, answers this question with a resounding “no,” featuring the world’s leading Scientists, Physicians, Attorneys, Politicians and Environmental Activists who expose the corruption and dangers surrounding the widespread use of Genetically Modified Organisms.

Once you’ve watched the film, we recommend that you review the “Question and Answer” fact sheet deconstructing Monsanto’s  and Big Agriculture’s GM claims.

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8.66/10 (44 votes)

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22 responses to “Seeds of Death”

  1. John Defalque says:

    If weeds are pulled by hand, it would give many of us who have been replaced by automation or outsourced, a chance to work again. We also can’t control everything, we have to allow nature a portion of every harvest. Another way to increase yield is to give people land if they promise to grow food on it. As land only goes to the rich now, they only squander it buy growing grass and ornamentals. Give the urban poor and unemployed land and they will grow food.

  2. The Truth says:

    lol sadly, you don’t know much about economics my friend, having a bunch of workers do it instead of automation is great, besides having to pay more wages, benefits, put up with union bullshit, etc. All this will be raising the price of the crop, production/harvest time, then sales will drop cause no one wants to buy corn for $100. maybe the VERY poor might, but the vast majority are lazy slack jobs who think the government willl hand them money their whole life, and also I’m sure, lack the knowledge to grow food safely and effectively. Better to let family farms do that. Megafarms = Bad stuff

  3. Tim says:

    This is full of lies. I am a toxicologist and the comments about testing are bald faced lies. YES, Monsanto does run a crooked business and crew farmers left and right and use their corporate power to manipulate the government, but the comments about the dangers of GMO food are at least just plain wrong and at worst known deceptions. This documentary is inaccurate and fear mongering trash. I think it’s important to speak out and fight the corporations but not with this outrageous uninformed junk doc.

    • Gerard Czosnowski says:

      In that case why isn’t there any testing and accountability done by the FDA? Unless formal testing is done, the statements are assumed to be TRUE.

      • tjward47 says:

        assume what you wish but youre dangerous to your logic and health

        your previous comment makes you seem a tad arrogant

    • jheremck says:

      Where are you getting your information?

    • hernandayoleary says:

      Proof, are you a monsanto toxicologist? There is widespread test from monsanto showing it causes infertility in rats

    • Quesionable says:

      hmmmm you must be a toxicologist for Monsanto because you have not responded.

    • Lauren says:

      A toxicologist does not necessarily know everything about GMOs and pesticides in our food. Have you been under a rock? In the last 20 years our food supply has been poisoned (purposely) by Monsanto Conagra, etc. including not only Genetically Modified Organisms but pesticides in all produce except organically grown food. Our government supports them because it’s big business while the small independent farmers fall by the wayside and are put out of business. They are ruining our environment and worse yet causing illnesses and the highest rate of cancer than previous decades! You are misinformed!

    • Chaviator says:

      Guess what? Eat your GMO junk and enjoy it. Let other people get informed by understanding the information and apply it accordingly. If you don’t believe it, do not even bother to watch nor to comment junk, Mr. Toxicologist, you must be working for this monsanton’s mafia or wish to…take care!

    • truthlives says:

      SHILL ALERT. How much did u get paid for this comment Tim? Not enough to save your soul

    • 47Elm says:

      Laughable Tim. GMOs absolutely do cause health problems. I raise chickens for eggs and recently got a chick who was bred only to be used for food. Since I don’t eat my pets I have been watching him grow for the past 8 weeks. He is so unhealthy. He never got all his feathers (some are actually falling out) he can’t breath, can’t walk and looks disgustingly large. His feet, legs, body and head are so gigantic he actually falls backwards when he is trying to walk. His legs can’t carry the bodyweight. Would you feed this to your kids?? I certainly wouldn’t. And keep in mind, this guy is being raised free range in my back yard with top quality grain and sunlight. Two things Purdue, et al don’t worry about. Delicious…and we wonder why everyone has ADD, depression, anxiety & Autism now.

  4. Gerard Czosnowski says:

    There are too many people on this planet… this method of depopulation is preferred to mass indiscriminate killing. It is a form of intelligence test… natural selection at work. The sheeple who aren’t intelligent enough will consume this poison and become infertile whilst also becoming sick and shortening their lives.

    • truthlives says:

      hey at least your honest. though i feel it should concern you that your gov is ok with poisoning everyone you know and love

  5. B says:

    If anyone takes the time to actually look up the primary literature that is presented in this documentary as scientific fact, they will find indeterminate research published in poor journals. While I agree that GMOs require further testing (I have a PhD in genetics, no less), I don’t believe the “scientific” reasoning behind this documentary, as it is shaky at best.

    • Lauren says:

      Oh sure you do! You know nothing…

    • truthlives says:

      I don’t believe in your “scientific reasoning” if you think these arguments are unfounded and don’t raise serious concerns about stuff thats been in our food supply for years

  6. StevenRichards says:

    People worried about the accuracy of this documentary will probably want to check this site out:

    In short, this documentary is full of horse crap.

    • truthlives says:

      LOL u say its crap and your reference is wikipedia…wikipedia and you are full of horse crap

  7. Lauren says:

    This information is now common knowledge and fact! For all you people that deny this info…have fun eating pesticides and GMOs. Then in time you will have illnesses and cancer without a doubt!

  8. Anye Chris says:

    Tim should be a fake toxicologist. Such lame arguments he posts makes every informed person wonder whether he knows anything about science. check your sweeping assertions Mr. toxicologist.

  9. EtVilddyr says:

    Wow, I just love Amewigan satire. It is framed so authentically. So much bull shit framed as real facts. I love you, reflective Amewigans, you’re just so critical and educated. Americans = gweat humor + gweat intellect! Organisms harbour DNA; you eat organisms and their DNA -> the DNA in your body changes permanently, THAT… is just so damn funny. Now, stop yourself, you’re simply too cute. Love from me across the sea. Now, stop yourself, you’re simply too cute. Love from me across the sea.

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