Take Me to Pitcairn

Take Me to Pitcairn

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This film is about a man who had a dream. Even though he started out selling mini kites on the street, he dreamed of visiting one of the remotest places on Earth. Apparently few people have even heard of this place, so he not only wanted to visit it, he wanted to make a documentary about it.

Pitcairn is in the Pacific Ocean but getting there isn’t easy; there’s no airport so one can only get there by boat. One of the most interesting things about Pitcairn is that only 50 people live there and they’re all descendants of nine British sailors and a handful of Tahitian women and men that landed there and used it as their hiding place back in 1789. The British sailors were John Adams, William Brown, Fletcher Christian, William McCoy, Isaac Martin, John Mills, Matthew Quintal, John Williams, and Edward Young.

These nine sailors ended up on Pitcairn because they mutinied the ship they were travelling on. The ship had sailed to Tahiti in search of the breadfruit plant, but a disagreement broke out among the crew that brought the voyage to an unexpected end. The mutineers put the captain, William Bligh, on a boat with about eighteen other crew members and left them to drift on the Pacific Ocean without a map and very little food. Captain Bligh and his men survived 48 days on the sea and finally landed on the shores of the Dutch East Indies. The mutineers headed to Pitcairn Island where they remained for the rest of their lives.

Some of the Tahitians that landed on Pitcairn might have even been kidnapped, according to historians. Within two years, all the men on the island had either died of illness or had been murdered. Only John Adams survived. The story of how all this came to be is absolutely amazing. That’s why many adventurers dream of setting foot on this mysterious island.

Once the voyage begins, the group is faced with a number of unusual difficulties, and it seems like getting to the island on time for the special ceremony, known as Bounty Day, is an impossible feat. As the small group of travelers waits for the arrival of the boat that’s supposed to take them to Pitcairn, frustration, anger, and depression set in. They are on the beautiful island of Mangareva, in a nice house on the beach, yet they are filled with fear and trepidation. Tempers flare and harsh words are spoken by the time the Southern Cross finally shows up to take them to Pitcairn.

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8.59/10 (22 votes)

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