2020: A Covid Space Odyssey

2020: A Covid Space Odyssey

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When you’re in space looking down on the Earth it fills you with a strange sensation about your place in the world.

Astronaut Jessica Meir wanted to be an astronaut from the age of 5. She remembers that once in first grade the teacher asked them to draw what they wanted to become when they grew up and she drew an astronaut wearing a spacesuit and standing next to the flag of the United States. She didn’t stop there, in her high school yearbook under ‘future plans’ Jessica wrote: to go for a spacewalk.

Astronaut Jessica Meir’s energy during her seven-month mission on the International Space Station varies from childlike glee on the first few days in zero gravity, to the sobering realization that comes from being one of the first two women to ever do a spacewalk together, and finally to see how a global pandemic looks from space.

Watch this short film now.

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8.80/10 (5 votes)

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