Life in a Day 2020

Life in a Day 2020

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In 2010 people from all around the world were asked to film their lives and answer a few questions. The result was an interesting film that gave us a deeper insight into how people in other countries can be so different and yet so similar.

Ten years later, almost 325 thousand videos from 192 countries were received– all filmed on the same day: July 25, 2020.

As the sun rose, people began their day in different ways. Women in various parts of the world went through labor and gave birth in hospitals and homes. Some people got ready to go to work whether that meant milking the cows, feeding the goats, driving to the office or moving from one room to the next. The homes and beds are different too, some used alarms and some wake up on their own, while others take a while to be convinced that it’s time to face the new day.

At some point during the day most grabbed a phone or device to create videos, post pictures to their social media accounts, play, scroll or communicate with friends and loved ones. It was a day in which some received bad news and some celebrated wins. Some experienced loss while others discovered new solutions to old problems.

The effects of the pandemic are evident in some places more than others and that isn’t without its own drama.

At the end of the day, this film is a gentle reminder that we are all humans and our stories connect us. No matter what one person might be going through, there is somebody else out there who has been there too. This film by Kevin MacDonald and Ridley Scott is proof that the things that divide us are less than all that we have in common. Watch this beautiful compilation now.

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9.33/10 (6 votes)

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