Tribes Documentaries

The Lost Rambos

How guns and Hollywood changed tribal disputes in Papua New Guinea

The tribes living in the Engan region are known in Papua New Guinea as the ones responsible for a lot of the fighting and killing that’s going on.

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South of Clouds

China’s ethnic diversity is one of the country’s best-kept secrets, but the cultural gems that these little known groups offer is beyond words.

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Borneo Death Blow

The Penan, a tribe of nomadic hunter-gatherers, live in the jungle of Borneo, Malaysia. They’re known for their survival skills and for tajem—the deadly poison on their blowpipe hunting darts.

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Mount Umunhum proudly stands 3,486 feet tall between San Jose, California and the Pacific Ocean. It is a sacred place for the tribal bands and indigenous people who live in the region.

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Bride Trade

Fighting Tanzania's Child Bride Tradition

Even though it’s against the law to marry underage girls in Tanzania, many parents continue to follow the ancient tradition. This means that they give their daughters as young as 11 or 12 in marriage to men who are much older, sometimes more than three times their age.

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Vibrant Highland, Commercial Love

It is said that for one day every year Hmong people from a remote village in Vietnam reunite with old lovers.

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The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman

At a height of 3.5 thousand meters in the Peruvian Andes, one can find a fascinating city called Cuzco that was built during the reign of the Incas.

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Our Generation

According to a 2010 United Nations report, Indigenous people across the world are living in a critical situation. Many are the victims of gross human rights violations.

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Hallucinogen Honey Hunters

This interesting film takes place in the heart of Nepal where there is an unusual tribe of honey hunters called Gurung.

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Nanook of the North

A Story Of Life and Love In the Actual Arctic

This silent documentary, Nanook of the North, was the result of a series of explorations that took place in the Canadian Arctic between 1910 and 1916 by the explorer Robert J.

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America’s Great Indian Nations

When the people of the “new world” first laid eyes on Christopher Columbus, they thought he and his crew were gods sent from heaven.  

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Spirits of the Rainforest

This amazing 90-minute Discovery Channel feature documentary was written, co-edited and associate-produced by Kim MacQuarrie and narrated by Linda Hunt. SPIRITS OF THE RAINFOREST won two Emmy Awards, a Cine Golden Eagle, and awards at three Film Festivals.

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