Prostitutes of God

Prostitutes of God

28 minutes 2010 6.62/10 based on 29 votes

In India, many daughters are sold into slavery prostitution. This usually happens when a girl reaches the age of 10 and is considered to be old enough to start career in prostitution. These young girls are then sold into sexual encounters in the name of the Hindu Goddess Yellamma.

Local sex worker Anitha invites us for lunch in her brothel. She shows us her homemade “sex rooms,” and tells us what it’s like to be a religious prostitute in modern India.

This shocking investigative documentary, by VICE, looks at the mystery behind the Goddess Yellamma and how religion and tradition play a huge role in India’s child prostitution problem.

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6.62/10 (29 votes)

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8 responses to “Prostitutes of God”

  1. steven says:

    The missionary mentality is so similar to the mentality of the
    contemporary liberal, with it’s self righteous, self satisfied,
    cultural-imperialistic condescension. Use of the liberal western concept
    “sex slavery”, for instance, is offensive and completely inappropriate
    in the context of this ancient tradition. Surely, you’ve got to leave
    your conditioning and your prejudice behind if you’re going to visit
    radically different cultures. They could at least have sent an
    anthropology student

    • Nisk says:

      Actually, anthropology is a socially offensive “science”; it seeks to leave people’s hardships unsolved by avoiding any possible cultural clash. Therefore, problems are never solved but rather perpetuated by anthropologists who, for whatever reason they can come up with, view the studied cultures as petri dishes and their internal interactions as “phenomena to be observed”.

      The humans in the observed cultures are treated not as equals but as some sort of radically different species…which they’re not.

      • steven says:

        Well, there are better and worse anthropologists, just like everything else. The anthropologists themselves would accept that what you said is sometimes true. But purely from the point of view of understanding, they are the trained professionals when it comes to human cultures. Better than journalists anyday, especially those who act like moral crusaders or missionaries.

        The real “problem” is that the conception of what constitutes a problem is itself to a considerable extent determined by the cultural background of the observer. The western liberal journalist might see a “problem” where the member of the culture concerned just lives his heritage, worldview, identity.

  2. Carla says:

    All I can see is a “How to fight forest fire” documentary.
    Where is the “Prostitutes of God” one?

  3. rfm says:

    Neo-colonial, pseudo-feminist, arrogant, ethnocentric, insensitive . . . .

    It would be good for her to watch her video again, to see how expressions of courteous patience turn into annoyance, then contempt.

  4. Bored&Opinionated says:

    The people who do this to innocent children deserve to burn in the deepest, darkest pits of hell. That is disgusting! Poor girls and their parents who allow this are evil through and through.

  5. Jahntai Shalom Kelly says:

    I’m sorry that these women have to go through such horrible things. This is not right in the sight of God.

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