American Call-Girl

American Call-Girl

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The world’s oldest profession has modernized; it has moved online and indoors. In this National Geographic documentary, take a behind-the-scenes look at the supply and demands of the American escort industry.

An escort agency is legal as long as no sex is involved, and so high-end agencies make sure that clients sign a detailed contract in which companionship is promised, but no sex. Clients are expected to read between the lines, though.

The industry is booming throughout the United States, especially in Las Vegas. In fact, it has been called a recession-proof industry. Just take a walk down the Strip and you’ll meet dozens of men and women handing out flyers and cards advertising some escort agency or service.

Women are joining this underground workforce by the dozens for a number of different reasons. Most work for agencies or pimps, while others work independently using the Internet as their marketing tool. Yes, prostitution is illegal in most states, but that hasn’t stopped the hundreds of websites that sell sex.

Some escorts claim that because trading time for money isn’t illegal—after all doctors, lawyers and therapists do just that—what they’re doing is no different. They get paid to spend time with a man; the sex is free, they say.

Meet Amanda Brooks who has written a two-part manual to help women get started in the independent escort business. She states that the demand for escorts is huge and that 90% of the clients are married.

However, just 2% of the escort industry is as glamorous as depicted on the websites. They sell the idea of an endless supply of expensive jewelry, fancy cars, stylish clothes, and fun parties full of celebrities. But the reality is that 98% of the industry is dark and dangerous. Some women get beaten and threatened and forced into the industry while others are lured into it by promises of exciting jobs in entertainment. Although they sometimes do make huge amounts of money, it all goes back to the pimp.

Is there really a difference between an escort and a prostitute? And who’s responsibility is it to regulate this multi-million dollar industry?

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7.55/10 (110 votes)

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6 responses to “American Call-Girl”

  1. zzyzx says:

    I’m disgusted at the attitude of Mariana Van Zeller at the 20:58 min. mark. She laughs after she says “I think I just blew a red light”. I have driven drunk so many times and have NEVER “blown a red light” while I was drunk. Yet, I’ve had DUI convictions NOT because of my driving, but because of either expired registration or a burnt out taillight. And if I were to get a couple more convictions I could actually face a prison sentence. This is without EVER putting anyone’s life in jeopardy, and in fact, I’m making others safer with my careful driving skills AFTER I’ve had a few drinks. I’m a much careful and alert driver after I’m drunk. It’s a fact.

    Yet, someone like Mariana Van Zeller can GIGGLE as she BLOWS A RED LIGHT WITH CARS ON THE ROAD like it’s NOTHING!!!!! She could have easily killed someone! And she giggles. She laughs. Because apparently it’s perfectly O.K. to accidentally risk people’s lives on the road while driving sober, but if you drive perfectly fine and just happen to have a substance in your bloodstream, well then, you are a menace to society!

    These laws must change. Mariana should be in jail for what she did, it should not be just dismissed as an “oops, haha look at what I just did” when so many innocent people go to jail unjustly for having certain ingredients in their bloodstream while at the same time NOT “blowing a red light”. Let the punishment fit the action, and let’s redefine what an actual “crime” is!

    • animapulchra says:

      If you make the concious decision to drive drunk (whether you’re a “much careful and alert driver” or not)… you DESERVE to be in jail, you ignorant twat.

    • Dahlila says:

      bet uv ran a light before; and thats what you find disturbing? not the girls doing sex work when they could be teachers, doctors, lawyers. Damn your ignorant.

    • AceLynn says:

      U r a JOKE. Human beings like u make me question the level of stupidity that should be allowed to walk the streets…. Thats what u got outta this whole film? that the woman who was goin undercover thinks she ran a red light ? and u go on to talk about urself driving drunk and how much better u drive after doing so. I can see why u dont use ur real name. Fuckin retard.

  2. Brian Odom says:

    Not surprising that all the call girls and johns featured are white, but when you see most of the people arrested for solicitation around the 43:05, they’re mostly black. Way to go. That’ll show them that you’re tough on prostitution!

  3. Me says:

    They are just whores and no need to make a big deal of them!

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