Men for Sale

Men for Sale

144 minutes 2009 8.26/10 based on 42 votes

This feature length documentary by Rodrigue Jean explores the lives of male sex workers. It includes interviews with real men who work as prostitutes, sometimes for many years. Most of them describe it as being an easy way to make money, especially when one has a drug habit. Some of them start young; between age 12 and 14.

One young man says he just did it to find out if he was capable of something like that. He wanted to know if men could sell their bodies. In his experience it was so easy that it was difficult for him to find a regular job after that. The amount of money one could make in just a few hours was beyond anything he had expected.  It’s not unusual for a sex worker to make between $200 and $600 per night and maybe double that on the weekends.

A lot of times the client longs to feel loved, that’s why they look for these young boys. They honestly believe that the sex worker has feelings for them. What they don’t realize is that the prostitute only wants to empty their wallets and their bank accounts to continue getting drugs or buying expensive things that they can use to impress their friends.

Sometimes the clients are men that hold powerful positions in government and business. One prostitute laughs at the fact that the very men who make laws against prostitution during the day are the ones seeking sex workers at night.

Some of the stories they share about the things their clients request are extreme and don’t seem sexual at all. One young man was asked to defecate on a plate and then he watched the client eat it. Another one was asked to crush a client’s balls with his boots for two hours.

Almost all of the men have a limit, though— that one thing they would never do no matter how much money they are being offered. For some of them it stops at anal penetration, swallowing sperm or allowing themselves to be whipped.

Their stories are similar, only the faces change. Many of them experienced violence and traumatic events at a young age. They carry these toxic experiences in their heads and are not able to escape them. These troubled pasts might be the main reason why they end up looking for fast cash. What might seem to be a simple financial strategy has deeper roots that many of them are unwilling to talk about. Watch this thought-provoking documentary now.

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8.26/10 (42 votes)

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