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Few people understand the life-long struggle that Blacks in the United States face. It’s confusing to hear those who have no idea what it feels like to be rejected and judged solely based on skin tone, say that it’s an exaggeration.

Right after the murder of George Floyd, Kwesi Thomas and Mark Bone came up with the idea of making a short film to give an intimate look into the subtle racism that lingers in the United States long after it should have disappeared. Many Blacks feel like they are constantly on a battleground because being seen and treated as an ‘issue’ is painful and destructive. It’s an act of blatant disrespect for the life of another human.

What would it do to you if, as a child, somebody came up to you and asked you if you were black because you were covered in poo? Being a constant victim of racism affects an individual’s concept of self and this, in turn, can influence how he/she experiences life.

An innocent human is murdered in broad daylight in front of an audience by those hired to protect and serve, just because he was the ‘wrong’ color. Meanwhile, serial killers, arsonists, bombers, and rapists get to be arrested unharmed. The distortions of racism are only invisible to those who benefit from it.

Watch this heart-wrenching short film now.

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6.57/10 (7 votes)

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