Humanitarianism Documentaries

Trapped in Transition

Displaced People of the Middle East

This is a film that captures the lives of Syrian refugees as seen through the eyes of the workers of the Oasis Program.

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What is it that makes us human? Is it the ability to love? Is it because we are able to show different emotions and express different feelings?

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The Last Survivor

Four Tragedies. Four Journeys. One Purpose.

It was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who aptly said ‘in the end we will remember, not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.’ This documentary film tells the stories of real people who survived genocide in their own countries.

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This film documents five turbulent years in the lives of the women who are at the grass roots of the garment workers struggle in Bangladesh.

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A Shining Light

Journeyman Pictures presents, “A Shining Light,” a short film of only 11 minutes following Illac Diaz who began a project called “Liter of Light.” The film takes place in the slums of Manila, Philippines in August of 2012.

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A Walk to Beautiful

A Walk to Beautiful is an award-winning feature documentary about five Ethiopian women reclaiming their dignity. Rejected by their husbands, having undergone horrifying childbirths, and alone, these women go on a walk and find true beauty.

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The Day After Peace

This documentary film charts Gilley’s extraordinary 10-year journey to establish Peace Day on 21 September, and shows how the Day is being used around the world to save lives.

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