Cosmic Journeys: Birth of the Moon

Cosmic Journeys: Birth of the Moon

25 minutes 5.63/10 based on 30 votes

Cosmic Journeys has released the latest in their very popular science series. BIRTH OF THE MOON tells the story of how Earth’s moon came to be. There are conflicting theories and violent, mysterious evidence left over from an earlier age. Shot in gorgeous HD 1080p. 25 minutes long.By scouring the surface, making maps, traversing the craters, and digging into the crust, Cosmic Journeys sheds light on the darkside of the moon.

Many years ago, humans sent men into space with the goal of walking on the moon. It was a symbol of our might, our perseverance, and of America’s perceived dominance over the USSR.  It was a giant leap for mankind – but, it may have also been a giant leap for the moon and its untold story.

The astronauts of Apollo brought home many rocks, soil, and dust form the moon. Scientists got to work in the laboratories and probed these rocks for clues. Could this be evidence towards figuring out how the moon was formed?

What was the nature of the heavens, and how did the world of men fit within it?

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5.63/10 (30 votes)

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5 responses to “Cosmic Journeys: Birth of the Moon”

  1. Daniel Rosinsky says:

    When the sun goes down tonight and the moon comes out to play, I’m going to think of this documentary and feel a little closer to our neighbour in the sky. 

  2. snow says:


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