Desperate Virgins

Desperate Virgins

48 minutes 6.35/10 based on 20 votes

The film follows the three virgins and their very different journeys as they deal with this most personal rite of passage – losing their virginity.

Catherine is a Christian who, aged 43, has made the decision to give up her chastity to a much younger male escort.

Mike (29) has never got off the starting blocks when it comes to the opposite sex and chooses to learn the ropes from a dating and chat-up expert to help boost his self confidence.

Alan (49) is partially disabled from a teenage illness and is worried he may die a virgin. He enlists the help of an escort who specializes in middle-aged virgins.

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6.35/10 (20 votes)

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12 responses to “Desperate Virgins”

  1. male escorts says:

    Sounds interesting! I’ll definitely have to check out this one, thanks for the heads up!

    • MixedAndMixed says:

      Agree. I’m a girl but that guy is really giving himself way too much credits. If he wants to help his friend Mike, do it the nice way, not trying to say he is all that and his friend is nothing.

  2. Flowing Flesh says:

    So living for 43 years, and saying God wants you to be a virgin, then changing that after so many years to suit it better with her own viewpoint was quite stupid to me. I guess religion has always been flexible in the eyes of the beholder though.

    I feel so bad for Mike, getting health problems like that is so unlucky… Its like playing Russian rulette these days.

    And Mike, dont hire a braindead coach who’ll teach you jack squat. “be like me and you get all the girls” …fuck off…

  3. taffysaur says:

    i was actually really pleased that she’d decided to “ignore the church” + finally start living her own life.
    only a pity she didn’t just drop teh whole thing, and much earlier.

    • christian says:

      The bible is extremely clear on this. (1) if you are an adulterer/slut and this is for both men and women then dont have sex (2) If you are a person of faithfullness and love to your wife then have as much sex as possible in every way you can and as often you can with your spouse

      True Christians have the best sex lives ;)

      • Natalie says:

        Actually, Statistics show that christians who wait until marriage to have sex end up having the worst sex lives because both partners are so inexperienced.

  4. MixedAndMixed says:

    This documentary somehow is sad for me. I felt sad for people like these. It’s like they can’t have sex because of many different reasons that stopping them until they get older they regret. But how they are losing this is something out of desperation. Escorts, friends, families helping them to lose their virginity. It’s not about losing it to a romantic and loving relationship but…rather out of “for the sake of losing it”. :(

    • Maestra Sierra says:

      “for the sake of losing it”. :(

      PLEASE!!!!… a huge portion of humanity had lost their virginity just for the sake of losing it. True love? *raspberry* No such thing!!! Especially not from men. They’re incapable of real faithfulness and love, due to the fact that like all other male species they’ll shove their sticks to any available hole. >_> Ancient African tribes were right. For true love, attention, companionship and faithfulness you get a wife. The husband is for sperm, protection and rough physical labor work. His aggressive nature retards his abilities to be a good companion or lover.

      • christian says:

        you are a sad pathetic little woman, I feel for you. I give my wife faithfullness companionship and attention every moment I can because True love does exist. Maybe someday you will find it too, but very difficult with that primitive attitude.

  5. Maestra Sierra says:

    I lost my virginity at the age of 12 on my own. To me virginity is an intact body that hasn’t been through any sexual act, mentally or physically. Losing ones virginity can be as easy as plugging a vibrator into your vagina while fantasizing someone doing you. This act counts as losing ones virginity….you’re opening up sexually, both physically and mentally. The idea that you need someone else to lose a virginity is ludicrous and clearly shows how narrow-minded some humans really are about the complexity of sexuality and sex.

    Back to the video at hand… these people will regret more on losing their virginity than actually keeping it for so long. I only met a handful of people who aren’t regretting to losing their virginity at the time of losing it, but I know hundreds who do regret for not finding the right person to do it with.

  6. smart alek says:

    I actually had my first experience at 8 with a girl cousin…maybe not surprisingly, we’ve both had very limited sexual success since then…<:? so I guess I am an ABV or all-but-virgin.

    If nothing else, "losing it" may make these folks feel more like complete adult humans and less like social, emotional, developmental freaks. It honestly does make you feel like you're a grub under a rock sometimes.

    I am actually a little leary of watching the docu. I have stereotypes about the sexually inexperienced…see above comments about grubs under rocks…and I'm a little scared of seeing them confirmed.

  7. Gautam says:


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