Dr. Dre: Another Beat

Dr. Dre: Another Beat

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He believes that an artist or producer should try to top him or herself every time they go out there, and that’s what he tries to do. That probably explains why no other artist in the world of hip-hop has constructed a more successful and solid reputation than Dr. Dre. He is renowned for being one of the founding fathers of gangster rap and revered for bringing innovation and technique to the hip-hop scene since the 1980s. His innate ability to recognize and coach talent has made him discover many artists who went on to become legendary. He has gained respect in the studio because of his perfectionist work ethics. Dr. Dre defines hustle as doing whatever you need to do to become successful.

In the current era of hip-hop he is the most composed and polished producer. He creates beats and songs that both glamorize the gangster lifestyle and warn against it. His critics have hailed him as one of the most valuable figures in hip-hop and one of the most successful producers of all times.

Along with Jimmy Lovine they founded Beats Electronics— a headphone and speaker brand. He is now one of the richest men in the music industry with an estimated net worth of 700 million. Dr. Dre is now giving back to his community by funding a creative center in his childhood hometown of Compton, California.

Born André Romelle Young in 1965 he was the product of a teenage pregnancy. His parents were singers who split up when he was very young.  He recalls his mom’s family and friends telling her that she had ruined her life. This caused him to become obsessed with success because he wanted to prove them wrong. He steered clear of the gangs that were infesting his neighborhood, but dropped out of school to pursue a career as a DJ and rapper.

Around 1984 Dr. Dre formed a group called World Class Wreckin’ Cru, which became an icon in the electronic hip-hop scene of the time. Along with his friend known as DJ Yella, they released a single called Surgery, which went on to become a hit and sell over 50 thousand copies.

Once he got started, Dr. Dre became unstoppable. Find out more now.

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