Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Leonard Cohen

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Leonard Cohen

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Here is a very special treat: a rare Leonard Cohen documentary that was made BEFORE his first album. “I can feel myself changing into a completely different kind of man,” Leonard says in the film. A few minutes later, we see him picking up his guitar. Shot years before he became a singer. How did the director know that this Jewish Montrealer was meant for lyrical greatness? This documentary is a treasure. Leonard Cohen became a poet because he “wanted to pick up girls and make money,” according to himself. When he realized that poets don’t make much money or really attract many girls, he became a successful author. “That brought more money and more girls,” he explained. “But, then I heard Bob Dylan and the Beatles and I knew that I wanted in.”

This documentary follows a very young Cohen as he gives poetry readings, talks about his novel, lives in Greece and Montreal, and plots his big next move. He tells the director that he is keeping a journal because he knows that he is meant for greatness. He then corrects the director: “I don’t mean this arrogantly. I don’t think I will deserve it, but I think that I will become a famous man and it is my duty to preserve this time in my life for future research.”  At the time, it must have seemed insanely arrogant. Yet today it is absolutely prophetic.

This is one of our favorite documentaries and biographies and we are proud to bring it to you today. ENJOY!

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6.68/10 (22 votes)

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