The off-Grid Life of a Nine-Year-Old Climate Activist

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Tinkers Bubble is one of the oldest off-grid communities in the UK. In this space the community members grow their own foods, live sustainably and as fossil fuel free as possible while they enjoy the fullness of nature.  Is it worth it?

After living in a ‘normal’ house for 25 years, Eve’s family decided that they needed a change. They needed a different reason for existing that wasn’t limited to paying a mortgage every month. Living off the grid poses a lot of challenges; they share a lot of space with others, and everyone is required to be accepting of the lifestyle choices of other members of the community.

Eve took a break from classroom education and is now headed to a new school. Her biggest fear is that people might judge her because she lives in the woods. Eve and her siblings had a hard time before at the school they attended in London, so they are hoping for a fresh start and a better experience.

Eve is passionate about the planet, and she expresses her fear for the future boldly. Her parents are extremely proud of her. They are convinced that they made the right decision for their children.

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9.33/10 (6 votes)

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