Without Bound

Without Bound

Perspectives on Mobile Living

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In this day and age when the concept of privacy has been twisted and people feel the constant need to broadcast their business on social media, there’s a group of people who live fulfilling, sustainable lives off the grid.

These people aren’t homeless, as some might be tempted to believe because they don’t live in what can be called a ‘wooden box’. These people have deliberately chosen to live in their vehicles, be it a $10,000 van or a one million dollar recreational vehicle.

Allegedly, the average American spends up to 47% of his take-home pay for a roof over his head. According to Randy Vining, it’s a cultural pit that we have fallen into and it’s almost a crime to have to spend that much on housing. Randy believes that people grossly overestimate what they need. He lives in a 22 ft. long trailer that has everything a person would need including satellite TV and Internet access.

Singer / songwriter Laurie Theodorou thinks that little by little the veil is lifting and people are figuring out that none of those luxurious possessions make for a better life. A better life actually consists of living and enjoying each moment— enjoying the sense of adventure and connection.

For Steven Ballee, society tries to keep us in either a very distracted state or in a very worried state. He remembers that when he first hit the road it took him weeks to decompress. The lack of schedule and requirements left him a bit lost for what to do during the day. It took him a while to be able to grasp the true meaning of being free to do whatever he wanted to do with his time.

Chris Carrington retired early and lived in a huge house. One day she looked around and asked herself what came next. It was then that she decided to change her lifestyle and embrace the possibility of more freedom.

Like these, many others were guided into mobile living after they looked back on their lives and felt that they needed more. They describe it as a fun life. Why work all your life to have a little bit of freedom in the end when you can live efficiently from the start and enjoy all the freedom you want? People need to be given the opportunity to discover who they really are instead of working all day to then come home at night and reward themselves with a few hours of television.

The decision to go on the road permanently can’t be taken lightly. It involves being willing to make sacrifices to be able to save up to take the big leap. It means letting go of the idea that we need to accumulate things in order to be happy. Watch this interesting documentary now.

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7.92/10 (13 votes)

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2 responses to “Without Bound”

  1. Marit C. Merkus says:

    Yes, yes, yes…. that’s it. I will make that move as well in the not too distant future. Very inspirational to hear their stories.

  2. Marit C. Merkus says:

    Just watched this again and still… yes, yes yes! Embracing minimalism, right on track ♡

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