Female Suicide Bombers

Female Suicide Bombers

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What would compel a woman to strap on a bomb, kill herself, and take the lives of innocent by-standers? Meet the newest weapons of terror: female suicide bombers. They’re also the hardest to detect and understand. They’ve pierced the heart of Moscow and sunk Russia beneath a tidal wave of grief. They hace ripped apart markets in Jerusalem and assassinated an ex-prime minister of India.

After September 11, we thought we knew what terrorists looked like: angry young men. But now a new kind of terrorist– one that’s much more difficult to spot– is on the rise.

Were these women forced to commit these horrific crimes? Lisa Ling looks for answers in Russia, a place that has recently become a hot bed of terror and the capital of female suicide bombers known as black widows.

In 2002 the world got its first glimpse of black widows when 700 people at a Moscow theatre were taken hostage during a musical. There were 41 terrorists and 18 of them were women. The women wore the bombs. The “givers of life”, the “keepers of home and family” had now become the murderers.

Female bombers have sprung up all over Turkey, India, Sri Lanka, Iraq, and Israel. In a culture where the glorification of the fallen is embraced, mothers seem to be pushing their children to die as martyrs for the name of Allah.

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6.37/10 (27 votes)

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22 responses to “Female Suicide Bombers”

  1. capriciouz says:

    This was very disturbing. Sad people have to live their lives like this. And the delusions afflicting these people seem pretty much hopeless to ever conquer. Religion is such a horrible disease of the mind :(

    • Ken Drumbolis says:

      The source of all this madness isn’t religion although religion is indisputably a “disease” but not of the mind so much as a political one. The collective foreign policy agenda of the US., Israel, Europe and Canada is the real culprit. Religious leaders then step in to impose their particular interests and sell them as a morally viable response to the zionists’ and the west’s injustices.

      • TheKlingonFarmer says:

        What a load of bullshit. Loosen that foil hat…

      • Jaime Navarro says:

        If you go by body count Secularism is the disease not religion. Since more people have been killed for wars caused by secular leaders than by “religious” ones. Even the so called religious wars have elements of secularism. Religion is just the cover to hide nationalistic or just plain greedy objectives.

        • M DM says:

          Idealogies can exist in the form of religion or secularism. What they have in common are followers who do not question the ideology based on their belief (or fear) that their leader is infallible (whether God or human) and abandon their ability to reason… and therein lies the danger. There should be NOTHING in this world that cannot be questioned.

          • Jaime Navarro says:

            Your right of course; but pretty much every religion teaches that life is sacred. Therefore the suicide bomber, or fanatic in most cases goes against the teachings of pretty much every religious tradition. The unspoken fact s that the conflict that has produced the greatest amount of suicide bombers was the conflict in Sri Lanka. That conflict had nothing to do with religion. If properly followed religious conviction is a brake against atrocities. The trouble is that most fanatics do not follow the teachings of their faith, However secular conflicts are actually far more deadly since they have no moral basis for curbing the conflict. witness the carnage of the world wars. The deadliest conflicts to date with zero religious basis for the conflicts.

            • M DM says:

              I am an unbeliever and I don’t need any religion to teach me the value of life.
              As John Steinbeck penned “All war is a symptom of man’s
              failure as a thinking animal”.
              So what is the main reason why we would no longer think for ourselves? Perhaps when you are told from birth that all the answers have already been found? This is an insane idea meant to manipulate and oppress whether or not it stems from natural or supernatural origin. Fanaticism requires an ideology and any one will do. We are all born with the ability to think and to reason and this is the ability that should be nurtured from birth. It is this ability to reason that has already given rise to democracies and constitutions that separate church and state, not because of, but in spite of religious/secular influences. How notable is it that countries with religion at the helm are the most oppressive and untrustworthy and undemocratic in the world.

              Religion teaches that life is sacred? The very idea of being told you are born in sin is the ultimate in oppression. Unquestioning belief prompts parents allow children to die, schools teach the creation myth, governments to block medical progress. And have you noticed how those who believe the literal interpretation of bible text are so quick to profess their unconditional love all for all sinners, (so as not to incriminate themselves perhaps??) and thus leave the judgement of sinners in their god’s hands. Very noble indeed that they can be so loving and understanding of others and yet trust in a supposedly omnipotent god who would send those others to eternal hell based on how he created them. Seriously?? From this it is apparent that humans are more instinctively steeped in morality than the god they profess to worship, but by choosing to hide their bigotry behind the bible they get let off the hook for turning a blind eye to the unimaginable personal suffering of others. I do not believe for a minute that anyone would opt out of morality in the absence of a god to judge their actions. Our moral basis is the quality of life we wish for ourselves and for others. If you choose to, or have been raised to, inflict a lesser quality of life upon others, there are real laws and/or medical help for that. All things (and more) are possible without a god.

              • Jaime Navarro says:

                Religion did not teach you that life is sacred. That is what we know as the natural moral law. It was written into you by God with out the need of religious education. I dont disagree with you that fanaticism needs an ideology. thats a given, But my point is that fanatic can be religious. Such as the suicide bombers in this film. But just as easily they can be secular. In fact I argue that that secular fanatics are by far more deadly that the religious type. As I stated previously. The Tamil Tigers are the most prolific suicide bombers yet they were fighting a secular war. What the religious aspect of an SS guard at Treblinka? Or one of Pol Pot killers in Cambodia? The US was founded on Judeo Christian ideals heck the very idea of self worth and human rights is a Judeo Christian invention. You live in a democracy is the US because of Christianity.

                Save all your anti Christian rants for the Fundamentalists, I’m not one and most of the theology you criticized is theirs. i also happen to agree with what you said regarding creationism. You have a very twisted and wrong view of Christian religion. You make the common atheist assumptions which I sum up as thinking too small. Some of what you said makes no sense, For example turning a “blind eye” to suffering? Most charities are Religious are the largest amount of money goes to them. For example The largest Charitable institution on earth is the Catholic church. Name one Atheist charity. I know a couple exist. But I bet they exist so that atheists can point to it a say “look we have a Charity” Rather than any sense of virtue.

                Where do you think your charitable feeling come from? nature? “seriously?” Nature red in tooth and claw” Is hardly charitable. Even ideas like reciprocal altruism are unsatisfactory to explain all ideas of charity.

                I love how you correctly label even believers as sinners your focus shouldn’t be(and neither should religious peoples) on others sins. Jesus said in Luke 5:32 “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” If religious people are acting judgmentally they need to Stop looking “at the splinter in your brother’s eye, and
                not notice the beam which is in (his) your own eye” (Mat 7:3)
                Next time you come across one of those self righteous types. Quote the text to them. Once again your trouble seems to be with the Fundamentalist types. Thats not to say that sin should not be challenged.
                We got off topic by the way. I know its an atheist tactic to steer away from topics and confuse the issue, I’m on to you. :)

                • M DM says:

                  I think you are. However, I don’t like the word atheist because it seems to imply that the person so described is attempting to disprove the existence of God and is against God and is someone to be feared by believers. I would rather define myself as someone who when confronted with an unknown asks HOW instead of WHY, and also as someone who readily admits ‘I don’t know’ and leaves nothing to faith. My line of thought is not imposed upon me by outside influences which is the case for those who are caught in the grip of unrest and thought control.
                  There is an infinite scale of religious belief in this world, and you seem to be a somewhere in the middle, content you are not the worst, apologetic for the old testament, picking quotes that reflect your own vision of the world and feeling comfortable where you are with your personal God. To me the universe is what it is and it doesn’t care whether I am comfortable or not, I am a product of nature, not a purpose of the universe and I have to make it or break it, and I will do it without fear of this being the only life. Also I agree that morality is born into us and not taught by religion. I cannot be proven to be wrong because I am not claiming to know the answers already and I remain open to all the evidence that is presented. In fact, it is quite likely that proof of the existence of the supernatural will be discovered by an ‘atheist’ not because he/she is trying to prove or disprove anything but because he/she is asking HOW. It is logical that the religious should really be more supportive of asking the right questions.
                  Anyone who claims not to believe in any other entity than their own god also falls under the definition of atheist. I assume that you know how it feels to need proof of the existence of other gods? If so, you do have some sense of how I feel.
                  I was raised by devout Roman Catholic parents and my 10 siblings run the scale from agnostic to spiritual to fundamentalist. Is it possible that you and I and my siblings are simply wired differently, some to ask WHY and some to ask HOW? How much of this wiring is responsible for the actions of those who would strap on a bomb?

                  The definition of a charity is an organization that collects money and other voluntary contributions of help for people in need. Any charitable undertaking which is accompanied by the promotion of the religion involved is clearly self-serving and should not have a charitable status. More redefining necessary! We must never forget the history of suffering inflicted upon the powerless by religious institutions, Only recently I attended a church sponsored event that showed a video where modern missionaries are feeding a hungry village in Africa AND providing everyone with a christian bible. Hard to tell if those church folks were bursting with more pride for giving the gift of eternal life to those villagers or for improving their quality of this life? Surreal.

                • Jaime Navarro says:

                  You think I’m what? a fundamentalist? U seem to describe urself as an agnostic, ok I wont call u an atheist.

                  Your line of thought is not imposed upon me by outside influences? Please that’s so untrue. Everything you know is imposed from the outside. in some form or another. Even basic instincts like knowing whats right and wrong come from God’s moral law, or evolution or a combination. Ur as much a product of thought control as any cult member. U were indoctrinated by your parents teachers and the culture. If you reject Christianity its because you chose to accept that doctrine. All our beliefs are based on that indoctrination as well as our intellectual acceptance of that doctrine. The atheist that says he will raise his child to disbelieve in God is as much an indoctrinator as the fundamentalist who raises his child to hate “sinners”.

                  U dont have a monopoly on asking how. As a believer I can ask how just as much as you can. Adding God into how doesnt mean I abandon my intellect. My question is simply framed as “how did God accomplish” this or that. How did life evolve? well God used evolution. How did God create earth? Well he used stars to create elements, then had gravity coalesce those element into planets and other stars. Scientific proofs do not exclude God automatically. God created science. Therefore science and religion are not exclusive of each other. The actually compliment each other, especially since religion can give answer the why questions in its different forms. Why do we exist? Because God loves us. Why is the universe so big if humans are the center? Because maybe we’re not the center? or maybe because we need space for exploding supernovas to scatter their material without killing us? Just an example of how religion and science are compatible. As a baptized Catholic you should realize the Vatican is very involved in science. Always has been.

                  I dont see the trouble with missionaries giving out Bibles? So what? If God truly exists who cares about the few decades we have on earth. The afterlife should be our main concern since its eternal. I’ll take a lil suffering here over an eternity of bliss. Seems logical to me. your attitude therefore to me is surreal. youi seem to advocate taking the easy road now and ignore the price later. Well I say pay the price now and get the reward later.

                  Therefore Any charitable undertaking which is accompanied by the promotion of the religion involved is in fact NOT self-serving. They are concerned with preserving people for eternity. Plus they’re still feeding the poor person. You seem to have over looked that lil detail.

    • Jaime Navarro says:

      Its ignorant to assume that religion is what drives terrorists to suicide bombings. First off the group responsible for more suicide bombing than any other were the Tamil tigers of Sri Lanka, a secular Marxist-Leninist organization. If you must fault religion blame Islam with its promise of paradise for those being killed in Jihad No similar claim is found in other faith Traditions. (No the Crusaders did not make this claim) Suicide bombing is the tactic of the desperate and weak against a superior foe. That’s all it is not a form general religious expression.

      • PJ says:

        You are wrong about the Crusaders. Many of the most famous, like Guy de Lusignan and his brother, were promised forgiveness for murder in France and entrance to heaven if they would go on Crusade against the ” Saracens”. The Crusaders were a mixed bag, some pious, some criminals, some outright mercenaries. All were promised entrance to the Christian paradise if they murdered unbelievers and reclaimed the Holy Land for Christianity.

        • Jaime Navarro says:

          No ur wrong, the crusaders were not given a promise of entrance to heaven. The spiritual benefit was derived from pilgrmage to Jerusalem. The crusade was first and foremost a pilgramage. That it was a military expedition was a side issue not related to spiritual benefits.

  2. The Nobody says:

    Did anyone ever stop to think that perhaps these suicide bombers are forced to do these things? A woman is a very emotional being, and usually very protective over her children and other family members.. Did anyone ever stop to consider the fact that these supposed suicide bomber’s families had been kidnapped by the same individuals that strap bombs onto them? Would you do what they asked you to do if you thought it would save the life of a family member? In other words, would you kill another innocent life to save another innocent life?

    That’s where the problem lies.. Emotions, Attachments, Fear.. Period..

    I have repeatedly told my family, do not cower down to anyone.. Do not let them use me as a tool to steal your souls.. I welcome death, I do not fear it.. To do their bidding, only to save my live, is a selfish act… And in turn you destroy your own souls.. Just know that when we die, it’s merely a new beginning.. Do not fear it.. To die as a Martyr is to die fighting against something that threatens your way of life, not helping to advance it..

    Peace and Love to all..


    • Mike says:

      You can either Freely come to Christianity or forcefully go to Islam. Its the only two choices. Great News is Christianity will win out in the end but there will be almost total world domination of Islam before God puts a stop to it.

      • Paul says:

        Or freely choose to be non religious and do the the world a favour

        • PJ says:

          Or grow up and learn that war is not the answer to anything, ever. It just creates more war and more oppression. Both Islam and Christianity have their problems, it’s time to talk not fight. We are fighting the same war of a thousand years ago, with no resolution, just misery. Thou shalt not kill doesn’t say ” except for”.

    • PJ says:

      That’s hilarious, stating women are very emotional beings, since in all of history it’s predominately the negative emotions of anger, greed, power seeking and avarice of men that have started all the great wars and perpetrated the majority of violence against children, women, the sick and elderly.

      Our world would be much better off if women were in control. They lack the muderous rage, primitive mindset that will be the end of humanity.

  3. Nathan Ryan says:

    i’ve been coming to documentarystorm.com for quite some time to see some amazing films and documentaries but I must say that I’m horrified that something as visceral as this can be classed as a ‘documentary’. I’m concerned that the essence of a documentary is being lost and replaced with one sided propaganda like this. i definitely don’t personally relate to or sympathise with any views on any side of the issues within this film but i found it sickening that a company as ‘reputable’ as nat geo can release something so biased and still promote an essence of journalistic integrity,

  4. What is so hard to understand about Muslim suicide bombers, they blow up unarmed people because they do not value human life non-Muslims are called cattle and not considered human beings. It was just a matter of time that the theology behind murder/suicide would find a way to entice women into the act of killing.

    • fuckmahamed says:

      it takes a lot of fucking BALLS to do something that crazy….. you just put yourself in that frame of mind for a second…. and tell me you wouldn’t be scared….. not saying it was right, cuz it wasn’t… but i call it how i see it.

  5. Mark Deegan says:

    Here is 15 Thousand Dollars. Your Kids will Go To School and Get Out Of This Stinking
    Desert. All you have to do is…

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