Her War: Women vs ISIS

Her War: Women vs ISIS

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ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, is the most brutally violent terrorist group in modern history. They now control large amounts of territory in Iraq and Syria. They have killed millions of people and it seems like the army is powerless to stop its advancement. When the Islamic State issued a decree stating that any man killed by a woman would go straight to hell. This prompted many Kurdish women to take up arms against the militants.

The town of Serekaniye is mostly inhabited by Kurds. This is the last major town bordering the Islamic State. The only force that is protecting this town from ISIS is the Kurdish People Protection Units or YPG.

When ISIS invades a town, they take the men and children and cut off their heads then rape the women and girls. Now the women are fighting back and joining the army. They want to drive ISIS out completely and return pride to their Kurdistan. This is the only way they will be able to have a decent future.

The YPG has an all-female wing called the YPJ. It’s a movement that seeks to protect the people’s rights. These women have been in active combat since 2012, fighting against ISIS. The group gives them strength, confidence and the opportunity to realize their full potential. The YPJ training camp is located about 3 km away from the frontline with ISIS, in an abandoned village. At the time this was filmed, there were 21 young ladies undergoing combat training. The camp is named after a young woman called Berivan who was martyred for her country.

The young women undergo one month of intense training at the camp. As soon as they leave to go to the front line, another group of new recruits comes in to be trained for combat. Most of the women come from very poor families. These women are well acquainted with hardship and that drives them to want to fight for a better future.

The Kurds are ready to create a new society in which women have the same rights as men. A society in which women don’t have to stay at home all day and getting married is not equated to going to prison. A new society in which men and women work, play, and fight alongside each other for the greater good.

The idea of including women in the fight to regain their freedom is already revolutionary. Watch this film now.

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6.50/10 (4 votes)

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7 responses to “Her War: Women vs ISIS”

  1. Stephen Murray says:

    “Isis is the most brutally violent terrorist group in modern history.”

    I am not sure about that. The Khmer Rouge and The HUTU militia in Rwanda seem to have killed more people.

    • Norm_de_Plume says:

      Brutality isn’t necessarily about numbers though, in my opinion. That said both you refer to were pretty brutal. However, coupled with their online PR machine – ISIS beheading rows of men using strings of explosive cord, their drowning of people and throwing people off buildings, and much more – serve to make them seem the most brutal.

      I tell you who may pip them though: Los Zetas. Some of the things I’ve seen online that they’ve done bends the mind. And it’s not done in a twisted notion of some religion or other. It’s just carried out by evil hatred.

      Also, you could argue that the UK, Belgium and the USA (plus other empires) did some pretty dastardly things in their pomp. Sadly, two of those nations are still at it.

      • Stephen Murray says:

        Of course, beheading people (and generally dismembering them) from 10 000ft with a million pound machine is generally acceptable.

        As Brendan Behan said ‘The terrorist is the fella with the little gun.’

        I meant non government agents though, although I suppose both ISIS and The Khmer Rouge would both describe themselves as government agents.

  2. alisterwatson says:

    There’s nothing to watch!

  3. Tim W. says:

    Odd how there is NO VIDEO TO WATCH!!! Censor much?

  4. Steve Hopkins says:

    Why is it the poor people fight for their country (including the USA) and the rich get away from the conflicts because they have connections…ie the Senator’s Son…

  5. Steve Hopkins says:

    I’m sorry, but I was in a championship marching band, and was an expert in marching/turning/standing techniques…That does not make you a soldier. Those ladies, however, have more balls than I do, with their fighting skills. I wish them luck, as I am not religious.

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