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Fuming Felix

How Decades of Illegal Dumping Poisoned Italian Land and People

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Campania is a scenic region located in southwestern Italy. The place is famous for the historic city of Naples, Mount Vesuvius, and its mouth-watering food..

However, in the past thirty year the place has developed a bad reputation. Campania is now a highly polluted area due to the burning of toxic substances such as plastic, textiles, rubber and other industrial garbage that is dumped in unauthorized sites. This has poisoned the soil, the underground waters, and the air. Some believe that the waste that is dumped in Campania comes from all over Europe, and much of it is radioactive. The garbage is buried or burnt in order to conceal all traces of its origin. There is evidence that a lot of the waste comes from clandestine workshops that produce counterfeit versions of famous Italian brands.

The ‘Burning Lands’ issue began in the early 1980s when dumpsites were introduced on agricultural lands close to Mt. Vesuvius. At first these sites were only authorized for household waste, but then the mafia took control of the land. When they ran out of places to bury the garbage they started re-using the previous sites and burning the waste.

Researchers, who have been to the site to gather evidence to be sent to the lab, have noticed some ill effects on their bodies within hours of being there. Imagine what happens to those who live there!

Despite the increase in cases of cancer, the issue continues to be swept under the rug. The Minister of Health recently stated that the causes of cancer are an excess of fats, alcohol, and smoking. The authorities refuse to accept the fact that the people who live close to the Burning Lands are in grave danger. Instead, they insist that the illness comes as a result of bad lifestyle habits.

One of the areas most affected by the deadly fumes now has the highest mortality rate among children under the age of 14. They die from conditions affecting the nervous system. The life expectancy is lower than in the rest of Italy and the cancer death rate is 11% higher than in the rest of the country.

A group of mothers have decided to come together to set up an organization that visits children in the hospital. Their purpose is to find out what their parents might need and offer help. Watch this disturbing documentary now.

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