People & Power: The Cancer Sell

People & Power: The Cancer Sell

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People & Power: The Cancer Sell takes viewers on a journey to Tijuana, Mexico to explore the many alternative cancer therapy clinics. Sarah Macdonald leads the way in this investigative documentary. She discovers their are several online supplement stores and cancer chat rooms. 25 minutes.

These alternative cancer therapy clinics provide a series of different treatments. Offering everything from Laetrile to hypothermia and Sono Photo Dynamic therapy. It might be seem crazy and a little far-fetched to believe these treatments are actually successful rather than a hoax. But, diagnosed with a terminal cancer or if someone close to me was dying from the terrible disease I might consider it in a desperate attempt to save myself or my loved one.

As you will see in this interesting documentary, these clinics are claiming survival rates higher than the best hospitals in our country. Macdonald, who is a breast cancer survivor explores these clinics, what they offer and how they “cure” this terrible disease. By using treatment methods that have not been tested on humans, but rather animals, many of these clinics offer hope to people battling cancer. With that hope unfortunately comes a hefty price tag. What are your thoughts, are these clinics offering false hope to cancer patients and their loved ones?

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6.07/10 (15 votes)

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6 responses to “People & Power: The Cancer Sell”

  1. Mr_popular_uk says:

    Sure there will always people sick minded and heartless enough to give false hope to people while taking their money.   But to suggest all alternative therapy is nonsense is just silly.  Drug companies will always serve themselves, and do anything and everything to hold onto the cash cow they have.  Dr Burzynski’s treatment seemed to work well for people, and they did everything they could to try and stop him, but not because it didn’t work.  Also I personally believe the Gerson Therapy helps cancer patients.  Now the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada, have come up with DCA Which looks exciting.  But because they cannot patent it, they value it worthless!  You have to ask yourself, does conventional medicine want to cure cancer?

  2. Bruce says:

    And its very notable that they do not mention Gerson and Burzynski at all.

  3. MC@HalfC says:

    Got to love the Mexicans. a “Cancer Therapy tour bus”

  4. disqus_5dmxzFGk9C says:

    this is the worst work of a “documentary” I have ever seen. Talk about going in with an agenda. Not once did we hear anything about nutrition! There are people healing cancer and other degenerative chronic illnesses in Mexico due to the socialist rules of the US. I’m not saying that the treatments in the film are good at all. In fact they seem to mostly be an illegal branch of so called modern medicine. I’m really sad that the true cures are being carefully kept quiet by the pharmacrooks and I hope that in this documentary the director simply didn’t see all the options Mexico offers instead of hiding them. Nutrition is the key to true healing! “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

    • J.C. says:

      I can’t believe that this is the worst “documentary” you have ever seen. I guess you base your comparative criticism on…..what? Simply put, the snake oil sales people shown, and those not shown are crooks and con-men. ANY branch of legitimate science DEMANDS research, data and years of follow-up studies. Any person offering false hope, like the criminals shown and the “other options” deserve to get cancer, and be forced to use their own brand of garbage medicine. These people are nothing but heartless thieves, and should be treated as such. Nutrition is not the key to true healing…Ask Steve Jobs about that nugget of pseudo medicine. Good nutrition is simply a way to perhaps stay healthier than people who eat at fast fat and sugar laden foods.
      Please do your research to learn more about REAL scientific medicine and get off of the conspiracy bandwagon.

  5. Laura Paglia says:

    Sad, really sad, for all those people who pilgrim to the “Mecca of cancer healing”, for the Big Pharma that is only interested in making profit (yes, the crooks and con-men aren’t only in Tijuana, Mexico), for this woman who thinks that she “successfully” fought cancer after having been removed a part of her body.
    I guess there are clinics in Mexico that don’t need to be part of the “Cancer Tour”, I suggest that, next time she’s in Mexico “investigating” on alternative cancer treatments, she visits the Gerson Clinic…
    By the way, Gerson was a certified medical doctor who did support his work with scientific evidence, he even published a book with it, several decades ago. Funny not many people heard about that
    As not many people have heard about The China Study, another scientific study of another certified MP…

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