Hans Zimmer Revealed

Hans Zimmer Revealed

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There are only a few words that can accurately define Hans Zimmer. He is the nicest person around and he is a genius. He was that kid who only wanted to play music; he never thought about a career and never thought about money.  As a result he has written some unbelievable music that is appreciated by countless people of all ages all around the globe. Hans has composed the music for over 150 films since the 1980s.

Hans has surrounded himself with a few good friends who value him and support him completely. Among his friends are Nick Glennie-Smith, a composer and conductor who has worked alongside Hans on many different projects.  There’s also Lebo M, a South African producer and composer. Lebo describes working with Hans as having a spirit of more than friendship. It’s like a brotherhood, he states. All of the people that work with Hans on stage are people that he has a real relationship with off stage. They are all like an extended family.

Hans writes music for orchestras and combines it with a spectacular light show. But the most memorable experience is his ability to capture his audience’s heart as he tells his stories through his music. This makes him a fun and approachable, down-to-earth individual instead of some untouchable god of music.

Setting up a concert requires a lot of hours of dedicated work. In order for the end result to be impressive, a lot attention has to be paid to details. The most important task is for the audience to feel the music instead of just listening to it. For this to happen, musicians and technicians need to work together flawlessly for long hours. Instead of just having everybody in the room at the same time, Hans’ team builds up the sound slowly by integrating instruments one at a time. This is done so that the piece can be interpreted accurately.

This film gives the viewer an amazing understanding of all that it takes to put on a show. More importantly, it’s like a journey into the creative mind of a musical genius. Watch what took place in 2014 when Hans Zimmer and his friends were preparing for the concert at the Apollo Theatre in London.

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8.00/10 (3 votes)

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One response to “Hans Zimmer Revealed”

  1. Steve Hopkins says:

    I started playing the cornet at 5 years of age, but the band is extraordinary…Hans-Zimmer is a true genius with the scores, and the band is fantastic. I am humbled with my technique and lack of Improvisational skills after all these years….

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