How Hot Can it Get?

How Hot Can it Get?

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This time Michael from VSauce explores the concept of temperature and heat in this incredibly interesting documentary.
We’ve all heard of absolute zero– the theoretically lowest possible temperature. But what would be the measure for the hottest something can get? And what would that super hot item look like?

In the case of humans, our body temperature fluctuates a few degrees throughout the day depending on each individual’s lifestyle and activities. That is perfectly normal. If you sleep at night, your body temperature reaches its highest around 7:00 p.m. and its lowest around 4:00 a.m. Also, we’re all well aware that a body temperature above 104°F or 42°C is considered lethal for humans.

Speaking of temperatures, the highest recorded air temperature across the Earth –129°F–has happened four times in Death Valley, California. Death Valley is considered the hottest place on Earth and the driest place in North America. Water with coffee is hottest at 180°F, at 210°F a cake is done, lava has a temperature of 2,000 °F, the sun’s surface measures a whopping 10,000°F and its core’s heat has been measured at 28 million degrees Fahrenheit.

The question is: is there anything hotter than that? Is it even possible to record temperatures that are that high?
Discover the answers to these questions as Michael explores the world of temperatures.

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7.06/10 (16 votes)

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