How Will We Love?

How Will We Love?

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One of the greatest gifts human beings possess is the capacity to love. We would not be able to survive without it. Most of us may believe that we all are naturally good lovers.  However, the most recent divorce statistics suggest otherwise. This documentary explores what defines the difference between a marriage that works versus those that fail.

Successful relationships are based on something that our modern culture knows very little about: real commitment. When a relationship gets difficult it is often a sign that a shift is about to occur however many people choose to leave when the relationship gets difficult instead of working through the challenges.  That is such a tragedy because it is through surviving these difficult periods with our partners that we really learn what love and commitment is all about.

We often learn unhealthy relationship habits from our own parents. What we see growing up is what we often model our own views of love. Because so many people these days come from dysfunctional homes we must consider what kind of family our partner come from. Unless the person you are with was able to work out his or her issues, you might be setting yourself up for failure.

Another important lesson to learn before committing to another person is to become less self-centered and self-involved. One of the basic teachings in Zen relationships is that our performance as a couple can be highly improved if we are constantly asking the question “how may I serve you?” Sadly, most people seem to be stuck wondering what the other person is going to do for them or how he or she can make them happy.

The true energy of love is a vast mystery. It emerges in inexplicable ways and at inexplicable times. Loving somebody deeply frees up our repressed vitality and makes us feel alive, and we honor that energy of love through commitment. This film, How Will We Love?, explores the human experience of romantic love and the modern dynamics that challenge long-term commitment.

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7.89/10 (9 votes)

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