In Its Image

In Its Image

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In the mid 70s, Steve Thaler began toying with rudimentary artificial neural networks. Soon after, he began to experiment with colonies of neural networks that launched into brainstorming sessions with one another to produce the equivalent of stream of consciousness and contemplation.

As he observed these neural architectures developing attitudes about themselves, he began to wonder if all of the sublime aspects of human cognition, including feeling and self-awareness, could be captured in inorganic systems of switches and interconnections. Ultimately, his answer was yes.

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5.75/10 (4 votes)

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4 responses to “In Its Image”

  1. Otalpsage says:

    Check this out folks. A scientist has a neural network which can generate new concepts and ideas on its own. Has been in use for many applications since the 80’s. This is your brain being born and learning.

  2. tsa says:

    The title is spelled wrong! Maybe someone can correct it?

  3. Glenda Miller says:

    Thaler is a genius and prophet who vastly outshines Kurzweil. This is the guy you want to invite as a featured guest speaker, not someone like Mr. K who keeps giving the same hackneyed speeches.

  4. FutantWhat says:

    This film is very amateurish – especially for its subject – and to add insult to injury has ads that pop up for silly things like air freshener products. WTF? It is blurry and whoever did the sound track shouldn’t be allowed to operate any sort of vehicle. Who ever did this – please, please – take it down, maybe clean it up, and only then repost it. The subject is definitely worth having a documentary about it – so please – show a little professionalism for your own subject. That’s my opinion, anyway.

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