Johnny Physical Lives

Johnny Physical Lives

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Jonathan Adam Neuman began dreaming about becoming a rock star back in the days of the mix tapes. He loved listening to Buddy Holly’s songs. By the time he was a senior in high school he became known as Johnny Physical, allegedly from the mean streets of New York City.

Once he decided to become a Rock and Roll legend, he enlisted his brother Joshua to create a documentary about his rise to stardom. Little did they know all the twists and turns life would take while filming Jonathan’s story.

In college he found three other guys to play along: Franklyn Hess became Frankie Lines, Dan Fromm became Danny Animal, and Nicholas Falwell became Nick Fiction.

After securing a slot in the campus radio station, Johnny shamelessly promoted a band he ‘just happened to stumble upon.’ His brother called the show faithfully to request the band’s songs He tried hard to sound like a different person each time.

After they started doing live shows, it seemed like kids became obsessed with them. When asked why, one young boy answered that Jonathan was a sex symbol who had a 12-inch long penis.

After one particular presentation, Jonathan was hit on the forehead. The blood poured from the cut as if a faucet had been opened. Once at the hospital it was discovered that the reason the blood didn’t clot was because Jonathan had leukemia.

Johnny Physical refused to allow cancer to beat him or hold him back. He saw it as an opportunity to grow without having to change everything about himself. He kept mementos and pictures from his short-lived fame because they made him happy. He didn’t see any sense in forgetting something that had made him feel good.

As Johnny’s health deteriorated and he became weaker, his brother took headphones to the hospital so he could listen to the songs that the group had recorded before he was diagnosed with cancer and so he could enjoy Buddy Holly’s music.

This film is an amazing tribute to a young man who left way too soon; way before he played a sold-out show or signed a record deal. Watch this now.

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9.00/10 (4 votes)

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