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Greenlanders on the climate crisis

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Greenlanders have always lived in survival mode. The mountains, the ice and the fierce wind are not new to them. They were born and raised in Greenland and it’s the place they love. The sea and all it’s phases energizes them, it’s their home and they believe the sea is always giving to them.

The men and women who live in Greenland know that the icebergs are getting smaller. They are aware that in the 1990s they were huge in comparison to what is seen today. The frozen sea is disappearing because it no longer stays frozen. This increase in water has made it easier for halibut fishermen to find fish but harder for dogsledders. In some places the ice has become shallow and it’s dangerous.

Everybody in Greenland has a gun and a boat. It’s part of their culture; they’re all hunters. Because of this, Greenlanders are sure that they will adapt to climate change even though it’s an unfortunate situation. They are well aware that the greatest resource that Greenland possesses is its people.

The discussion about the ice caps melting is not only for Greenlanders. It’s a discussion that everybody worldwide needs to join. Watch this thought-provoking short film now.

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10.00/10 (5 votes)

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