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Propaganda is a viral documentary film that blurs the line between reality, fiction and persuasion. Suggesting what might be a fictionalized premise that the film was presented to a translator from possible defectors from North Korea, the film is apparently a work of propaganda aimed against western society and culture as a means of bolstering the strength of the DPRK. In truth, the supposed framing of the film as the work of North Korean propagandist is likely untrue, and only part of a larger attempt to satirize and deconstruct the propaganda models working within Western society.

Though blending elements of humour in the tradition of the mockumentary, the film more accurately finds kinship with figures like Noam Chomsky in using the propaganda model itself as a means of deconstruction perceptions about “manufacturing consent” through the use of media that pacify, distract and glorify. Using almost exclusively archival footage from television and pop culture, Propaganda condemns western culture using it’s own creations. This is not unlike the means that Imperialism took notes from practises, customs and behaviors of different cultures as a means of dismissing them as savage or uncivilized. The big question of the film becoming, whether we are absorbing things without their proper context or if there is a legitimate reason to fear or be wary of those in control.

Cleverly sticking quite closely to the truth and employing rhetoric in popular media, the film suggests how easily propaganda is created and suggests a double-edged conclusion that the way we perceive ourselves is as twisted as the media’s portrayal of the “other”. The apparent guise of being the product of a North Korean propaganda team only serves to force self-reflection. The pointedness of this disparity is perhaps to test how resistant audiences are to the truths about their own world and environment, as to whether or not they will outright dismiss the content of the film as being the work of a foreign enemy or absorb the whole thing as truth.

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8.74/10 (35 votes)

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8 responses to “Propaganda”

  1. dawack says:

    realy worth putting the time into watch this 1 it be well tangled upon all sides but drops a hole lot of truths that id say r forgone to the most of us then manages to links a fe other bits in there

    as i say have a broad mind and go enjoy

    • Daniel says:

      I agree this is 100% spot on talking about all the issues we face today in this world

      Everyone should watch this to open their minds and realise whats really going on in our own countries and the rest of the world

  2. BrewstersBrankrupt says:

    What an ingenious way to force self-reflection. The
    documentary/mockumentary creators have done something unique IMO. I highly recommend watching this. I also recommend going into this with an open mind as well, but even if you don’t, this documentary will force you to look at our society with brand new eyes.

  3. Anon. says:

    I just find it sad that it has taken a fake documentary for some people to finally see and hear and realize what black people in this country have been telling white americans for decades now!! That is that the Government lies, murders and propagate hate throughout the world! And the only reason why you now hear it… is because some one other than a black person has told you!!! VERY SAD INDEED!!

    • AddNewComment1 says:

      this has nothing to do with black or white….people of all color were perfectly aware of how our gov’t deceived it’s own. Many Americans that have spent time in other countries have known for years that the public is only told what they want the public to see…very much like North Korea.

    • Mariana Avila says:

      great point !

  4. Sujittrachat says:

    It seems to be filled with hatred.

  5. shatford says:

    This is why I hate humans and love dogs. It’s time we put puppies in charge. Worst thing they’ll ever do is poo on a rug.

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