Obama: The Road We’ve Traveled

Obama: The Road We’ve Traveled

The Road We Traveled is an OFFICIAL DOCUMENTARY put out by President Barack Obama to help get himself re-elected. As such, this documentary has a serious agenda and begs the question: propaganda or inspired truth? Either way, there’s a lot to learn about Obama including never-before-seen footage of the president.

Obama hired some big guns to help put together the documentary. Actor Tom Hanks narrates the film and includes interviews with the likes of President Clinton, Vice-President Joe Biden, and every other important Democrat. The documentary traces the first term of the President: his struggles with the Republican party, with healthcare, with fighting two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) and with the tumbling economy.

It has been a busy three first years in office.

This documentary is Barack Obama’s return to social media. His 2008 campaign was the most brilliantly organized presidential campaign in history – nobody can deny that. Democrats and Republicans alike must marvel at how this Junior Senator from Illinois was able to use the power of his words and the genius of his campaign movement to inspire a nation. However three years after being sworn in, the economy is still in recession and his wildly optimistic message of “HOPE” has been quietly changed to: “Be Patient. We need more time.”

Does this documentary inspire you? Or is it propaganda coming straight from the President of the United States of America?

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5 responses to “Obama: The Road We’ve Traveled”

  1. surely says:

    I just want to say this, if the elected head of any state tells its people that there is honor/and or bravery in killing ask yourself what the f(ury) is going on. And how stupid it sounded when the guy said at around 11.30, his presidentsy would have been over if he wouldn´t have done it. For all i know is that they can tell you whatever they want. And by the way, the one that is terrorising is the one that invades other countrys…… period

    • Reverend says:

      I vividly remember that Bin Laden announcement. My reaction was was That this was a person who has been both direct and indirect role in numerous attacks that make him culpable for the murder of tens of thousands of Americans. My most “celebratory” thought was, if Obama’s narrative of the operation was accurate, this was the only military operation that could actually be considered a justifiable act of national self defense. within the frighteningly overwhelming government-wide commitment to finding, fighting and wholly obliterating a noun. Or as they call it “the war on Terror

  2. Man says:

    USA’s going down the sh*tter, no matter who they elect as the next president.

  3. ugh says:

    wow so much presidential ass kissing… it’s sickening

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