VICE on HBO: Season 1

VICE on HBO: Season 1

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VICE is a documentary TV series that travels the world to uncover some of the most intriguing, often controversial, topics that often go uncovered by the mainstream media. VICE exposes the worldwide absurdity of our modern condition in these ten episodes. If you’ve never seen these episodes before, you’re in for a real treat. Previously only available to subscribers of the premium cable service HBO, is now available for viewers for free.

Episode 1 – Killer Kids

Watch first-hand what happens in countries such as the Philippines and Afghanistan where young boys are trained to murder and destroy.

Episode 2 – Bad Borders

In North Korea people suffer from intense political oppression and extreme poverty. For those who try to escape, getting out is not the only problem. The same thing happens to citizens in countries that hate each other but share a border like Pakistan and India.

Episode 3 – Guns & Ammo

Students in the United States are walking into schools with weapons. Is arming the teachers a viable solution? At the same time the toxins contained in modern ammunition are causing birth defects and disease in countries like Pakistan.

Episode 4 – Love & Rockets

China’s one-child policy has led to a number of complex ramifications such as the fact that there are about 50 million more men than women. In Spain, the government responded to the global economic crisis by implementing austere measures that have affected education, health care, and other social welfare programs. In Greece, the social and economical troubles are blamed on immigration and the obvious solution is to get rid of all non-Greeks.

Episode 5 – Winners & Losers

In Mauritania, skinny is ugly and fat is beautiful. In Utah a polygamist lunatic, Warren Jeffs, was found guilty of having sex with 12 and 15 year old brides, and sentenced to life in prison. Yet he continues to run his town from his jail cell. In India the line that divides the rich from the poor is clear and runs painfully deep.

Episode 6 – Corruption

Back to China, where massive buildings remain vacant and offer a preview of what the world’s next real estate disaster might look like. Egypt got rid of one dictator only to find itself under another authoritarian regime.

Episode 7 – Addiction

In Indonesia the average age to begin smoking is six and many people think smoking actually cures cancer. In Mexico a heroine addict tries to kick his addiction by using the scariest drug in the world and a strange voodoo ritual.

Episode 8 – Fighting Chances

Learn about Senegal’s strange sport called Laamb wrestling. See how climate change and global warming has been wrecking havoc in places like Venice.

Episode 9 – Gangs & Oil

Chicago has now become a warzone because of the excess of guns out on the street in the hands of angry young men. In Nigeria, oil pirates might be responsible for the constant oils spills and the destruction of the ecosystem.

Episode 10 – The Hermit Kingdom

The game of basketball opens doors in North Korea and gives foreigners a glimpse into how far an entire Kingdom is willing to go to hide their truth.

All ten episodes will take you on an adventure into the unexpected and see the world like you’ve never seen it before.

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