Victims of ISIS

Victims of ISIS

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ISIS is the most brutal terrorist group in recent history. They murder, rape, pillage, enslave, and destroy, and it’s all done in the name of religion.

The Yazidi are a religious minority that lives mostly around Mount Sinjar in Iraq. About two years ago, in August 2014, ISIS decided to invade Mount Sinjar. They took about 5,000 men, women, and children captive and turned them into slaves.

The survivors describe the men as having long hair, long beards, and a terrifying look. The ISIS men commanded the Yazidis to convert to Islam or else they would be murdered. The people didn’t want to convert, so they asked if they could simply leave their homes. That’s when the ISIS men took away all the women, promising to return them in the afternoon, but of course no one ever saw them again.

Those who were taken captive tried to escape, but they were tortured in ways that words cannot begin to express. One  captive says that just to the memory makes her feel like killing herself.

The ISIS men boast when it’s slave market day that they are hoping for their share or women. In fact, they use texting apps to circulate pictures of the women that are available for sale along with price listings. Because the Koran allows for nine year old non-Muslim girls to be slaves, they coldly joke about how much money they would be willing to pay for a Yazidi slave girl. The captives describe the ISIS men as savages who tie up small girls and rip into their bodies up to ten times a day.

One woman fell at the feet of some of their mothers and sisters and begged for mercy. But she quickly discovered that the women are as heartless as the men.

Some of the women who are sold as slaves end up getting sold over and over again. One woman recalls that a certain man paid for her, grabbed her by her hair, and dragged her out to his car. Some of them are able to escape but it has been estimated that there are approximately 3,000 Yazidis still in captivity and there are no international efforts to free them.

As is usually the case, some individuals decided to take matters into their own hands. An underground network that was previously designed for smuggling is being used to steal the Yazidi captives back from ISIS. At the time of this documentary they had already successfully rescued hundreds of women and girls and reunited them with their loved ones. Watch this heart-breaking film now.

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8.55/10 (11 votes)

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