White Fright

White Fright

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There’s a community called Islamberg located in Delaware County. This is a rural area about 130 miles northwest of New York City. It’s a 50 to 70 acre compound where around two dozen Muslims families originally from the Brooklyn area have decided to live together in a way that allows them to practice their beliefs freely.

The place was established in 1980 during the years of the crack epidemic in New York. This was their attempt to save the lives of their children by providing a safer environment for them to grow up in.

Islamberg is currently the headquarters for the national organization of Muslim communities called The Muslims of America.

By 2007, rumors started to spread that the place was actually a terrorist training camp. Journalists and right-wing extremists reported that there were at least 22 communities with this purpose, located across nine states. They were called No Go Zones, because allegedly no visitors were ever allowed— not even the police.

Then in 2015, Robert Doggart, a Christian minister in Tennessee posted a request on Facebook asking for volunteers to stage an attack on Islamberg. He candidly spoke about carrying 500 rounds of ammunition and machetes with which he planned to cut them to shreds. His words were: “it has to be this way. It has to be done.”

He called himself a militant who was willing to inflict horrible numbers of casualties because he thought it was his Christian duty.

Just before Doggart began recruiting volunteers for his ‘army’ he hosted a rally in which he lashed out against then President Obama, calling him a traitor.

The FBI started monitoring Robert Doggart’s phone calls shortly after his posts on social media went viral and they were able to identify at least ten different persons that he called up to discuss his plans for attack. None of them ever reported him to law enforcement, though.

Doggart and his followers were willing to kill everybody in Islamberg, including children, referring to them as collateral damage.  Is Doggart a terrorist? Is it even possible to be a terrorist when one is White? Watch this thought-provoking film now.

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9.45/10 (20 votes)

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