Trial By Fire: The New York City Fire Museum

Trial By Fire: The New York City Fire Museum

27 minutes 4.75/10 based on 4 votes

This particular episode details the history surrounding our heroic firefighters. How did the New York fire department become what it is today? What was used in the 1800’s to put out fires? When was the first fire truck created? All of these questions and more come to life in this captivating film.


Trial By Fire: The New York City Fire Museum is part of the fascinating Great Museums series. Various extraordinary and famous museums from around the globe are showcased throughout the series.


The museum is located in a firehouse dating back to 1904. This documentary takes viewers on an adventure from our first brave firefighters to the heroes we have today. Filled with fascinating historical artifacts and stories, Trial By Fire: The New York City Fire Museum will engage you.

The film showcases the old attire in which firefighters wore, revealing some of it is quite similar to what they continue to where today. The documentary provides an interesting look at the transitional time in history when firefighters went from volunteers to paid city workers. Complete with compelling interviews and archived footage, few details of our past and present heroes history is left out.

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4.75/10 (4 votes)

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2 responses to “Trial By Fire: The New York City Fire Museum”

  1. James says:

    The problem with youtube is that it was never designed to host videos of this size. Anything more that 5 minutes takes forever to download. I can never watch videos hosted there. Please post alternatives to youtube whenever possible because their bandwidth isn’t sufficient.

  2. Caligula says:

    I can not wait to get back to NYC since I know that this museum is there. I would love to visit and hear the stories that these True Heroes have to tell. As one says in the documentary, “Could listen for hours and hours on the stories they tell.” These are the types of heroes that people need to look up to and to have in life. 10/10* 

    To all Fire Men and Women out there… You are a TRUE inspiration for all of us!

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