World’s Scariest Drug

World’s Scariest Drug

36 minutes 4.34/10 based on 47 votes

VICE is back! World’s Scaries Drug finds Ryan Duffy taking us to Colombia and to see a mighty drug called Scopalamine, also known as “The Devil’s Breath.” See why!The drug seems like something out of a James Bond movie – or something that Joker would unleash on the citizens of Gotham City. The drug is so potent that it can render a person completely incapable of free will.

The documentary starts with the quest for Scopalamine. The first few days are spent driving around the country and speaking to a myriad of drug dealers and clients who have gone off the deep end of the drug.  The story then takes a dark turn – a VERY dark turn.

Learn about this powerful and mysterious drug first hand through this documentary – without suffering any of the horrible side-effects.

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4.34/10 (47 votes)

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13 responses to “World’s Scariest Drug”

  1. angelo says:

    haha theres datura plants living in suburban gardens here in australia… funny i remember in primary school someone asked about them to a teacher and all her response was that it is dangerous and never to touch the flower haha, i didnt think much more of it…

  2. ParaMythos says:

    I can’t imagine how violated you would feel after getting robbed becuase someone slipped you that drug. Not kool at all.

    • delysid says:

      This entire documentary is a bunch of nonsense. Most often scopolamine containing plants are used in shamanic rituals throughout South America, often as an admixture to Ayahuasca, with mostly positive intentions and effect. Further, similar plants containing the same drug have been used for millennia in Europe as well, with the most commonly cited use in semi-modern/modern culture being the primary component of so called “witches flying ointments.” There is no doubt that it is a dangerous drug, primarily due to it’s anti-cholinergic effect on the CNS, and certainly a primary attribute of it’s effect is that people often are unaware of there actions or surroundings, but this is quite a bit different then the allegation the movie makes that it is some kind of mind control drug. Red flags should always go up when media starts alleging that a substance is a date-rape drug, most drugs that are dubbed that are really no more a date rape drug than alcohol. GHB got that rap too in the 90’s even though it is a fact that it has a taste so strong nobody could ever have it put into a drink without noticing. Scopolamine as a date rape drug??!!! HAHAHAHA! I would like to see the raper that tries to drug his victim with scopolamine, he’s likely to get his ear bitten off. In any case the fact that he goes all the way to Columbia to investigate scopolamine use is ridiculous since similar scopolamine containing plants grow in almost every state in the US and use of scopolamine containing plants also occurs in the US. Trying to compare an anti-cholinergic deleriant to a “ruffy” is ridiculous. The first causing hallucinations and delirium, the second a strong sedative.

  3. benzo says:

    hahha theres hella daturas here in southern california and i was fucking around with one of them at a park with a friend once and the gardener came by and simply said hey dont mess with those theyll make you go crazy, and called it ‘hells bells’ because of the flower, crazzzyy tho man i cant imagine this being done to anyone even enemies bleh

  4. Mactighe says:

    I am an
    Irishman who lives in Bogota and this whole documentary is a compete utter exaggeration!!
    The “drug dealer” is telling the film makers everything they want to
    hear. If, as he says, 1g of the drug is enough to kill 10-15 people but also
    says that you can walk past someone and blow it into their face to make them
    zombie-like then he would have to dose a tenth of a gram ( or less) and still manage to blow this tiny amount of
    powder into someone`s face from a couple of feet away…..absolute garbage !!
    It is used to rob people but more commonly as a date-rape drug put into drinks
    and not blown into the face. A doctor here told me that this whole myth about
    it having effect after being blown into your face stems from an excuse that men
    would tell their wife after having it put into their drinks at a whorehouse
    “Darling, I was in a taxi and the driver blew this stuff into my face and
    after that I can´t remember anything”. And as for the Colombians
    interviewed in this piece, they are sitting in an insanely expensive restaurant
    in a very shielded part of the city and as with all Latin American countries
    these people have very little idea what happens on the street in more normal
    areas, only what they hear on the news or the normal horror stories that
    circulate. BTW I have heard all the stories that where mentioned….seems more like
    urban myth. So, rant over !

  5. supertramp says:

    Datura is extremely common in india.. its grows almost everywhere and i myself have tried it a few times.. the seeds.. the flowers.. and it is a dissociative.. pure and simple. Infact.. the primary god in india.. “Shiva” is known to have used datura and the babas who follow him do too. So, this whole hypnosis thing seems a little far fetched.. maybe the scopolamine does it in specific.. have only had the mixture of alkaloids i guess..

  6. hhkj says:

    take this with grain of salt, and look at escopamine on wikipedia

  7. Deniselee says:

    May or may not be the complete truth. Entertaining…
    Question everything, even what we “see”. Our senses tricked quite easily. Our perception even warped to others agenda , interests ect.
    Hell, the public is given daily doses of this “devils breath” without smelling or drinking anything….simply watch television…. FOX, CNN videos politics ect

  8. MC@halfC says:

    Bullshit or Not, it was quite enjoyable (esp the last part) as were the comments. It’s always nice to get a second take on issues.

  9. madscirat says:

    Wow a plant found out how to duplicate the effects of religion.

  10. Probably sensationalised a bit if i’m honest. Living here in Ireland where it was first banned and i’ve taken it myself a few times.. The shit will definitely fuck you up i’ve had a mate who’s now in the nut house from taking the shit and i’m convinced i’m brain damaged from the stuff (Memory/Processing issues) personally speaking i’m a fan of drug use every once in awhile.. But if your gonna use drugs at least use drugs that we have years of research done on and don’t go putting the concoction of some Chinese Chem student up your nose.

  11. Bobby Arnott says:

    I’m surprised governments aren’t giving this stuff to it’s soldiers. More killing, less guilt

    • EmaLee says:

      the army has experimented using drugs on soldiers in the past, there’s a good amount of published research they did using LSD on soldiers. it did not work out as planned, it wasn’t useful to them. they’ve either already tried this or ditched the effort. honestly this documentary probably isn’t very factual, it’s very very hard to actually use a drug as a hypnotic mind control substance. plus, drugs only reduce guilt while you’re on them. everything has a comedown.

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