Code Therapy

Code Therapy

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Code Therapy is a documentary that explores how technology can give relief to those who suffer from mental health issues.

It’s a relatively new field that has blossomed in the last few years. Centers such as CBITS (Centrer for Behavioral Intervention Technologies) are dedicated to providing opportunities through their website and the apps they are developing so that those who have some behavioral problems can improve through the use of technology.

Depression and anxiety are a big strain to healthcare. They are also the leading causes of disability worldwide. But even though they are very common conditions, people still refuse to seek treatment. Sometimes they convince themselves that they don’t have the time, that therapists aren’t available at after-work hours, or they are simply avoiding the stigma. Computer-based approaches or applications have the potential to break down a lot of the barriers that keep people from seeking traditional help. Those who cannot or will not get therapy can use these resources to get the help they need.

Other services such as LANTERN seek to close the gap between online research and therapy. They seek to create another ‘rung’ where the individual can be better positioned to reach up to therapy or pills or any other form of treatment he or she might want to explore.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a theory that states that our emotions are tied to the way that we think and behave. Hence, if you can change the way you think you will be able to feel and then behave differently. If you can change your behavior, you can change the way you feel.

The development of these online programs and apps will make help more affordable and accessible. However, they should not be seen as a total replacement of the therapist. What works for one person might not necessarily work for another, and there is enough evidence to prove that sometimes the most valuable part of therapy is having a person who will sit with you and listen and encourage.

A good way to evaluate the apps would be to see if the users are able to change certain aspects of their behavior and implement better choices such as engaging in activities they enjoy and going out with friends. If the app is working, it should be able to encourage these types of changes in its users. Watch this thought-provoking film now.

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8.30/10 (10 votes)

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