Gang War: Bangin’ in Little Rock

Gang War: Bangin’ in Little Rock

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Back in 1994 Little Rock was one of the most dangerous cities in the US. Sitting at the intersection of two major interstates from Los Angeles and New York, it had become a haven for drug trafficking. There were prominent gang presences of Bloods, Crips and Hoover’s Folk Nation.

The documentary brought much attention to the problems in the city; the Little Rock Police force was quadrupled. As a result, the street gang problem was nearly eradicated.

While gang presence did decrease in the middle 90s, there is current evidence that local youth are once again beginning to identify with street gangs and drug dealers, such as BOSS, Bogard, and Hoe Hop gangs. Many intervention and prevention programs were not funded causing an increase once again in violence among youth.

Steve Nawojczyk who was the county coroner during the Gang War years, and was featured in the documentary, continues to work in the intervention and prevention of youth gangs. While Gang War: Bangin’ in Little Rock followed Nawojczyk while he did his grim work as the county’s chief coroner, it also showed his attempts at reducing the record-high homicide rate in Arkansas’ capital city.

Gang War 2: Back in the Hood, the 10-year follow up after the original is available too.

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7.78/10 (40 votes)

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20 responses to “Gang War: Bangin’ in Little Rock”

  1. jamie says:

    how easily the human mind is molded.. such irrelevant and oblivious lives these kids live. humans are so easy to control..

  2. micky says:

    i am from middle europe, and what i see in this document? If they were here, they would look like retarded.

  3. Jody says:

    Is there a follow-up to this? I would like to know what happened to these kids.

    • Jonas says:

      I’ve added the follow up documentary which details what happened to them 10 years after the first documentary. You’ll find it by clicking the second page underneath the video.

    • Jimmie Robinson says:

      Leifel ”O.G.” Jackson is a success story running a childcare program named R.O.C.A.N, reaching our children and neighborhoods, in North Little Rock, Ar.

  4. The Dead Pony says:

    Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! Have none of these fucking hayseeds heard of blocking a punch?

  5. p4dre says:

    the second part is down… :(

    would have loved to watch it… anybody got some other sources?

  6. Trond Andreas Saxe says:

    Yeah! Here in Scandinavia they would have been locked up in a mental hospital, or the police ( who DON’T even carry guns on them) would have cracked down on them so their heads would spinn…. Society it self would have weeded them riht out annyway. Something is truely wrong with USA… just makes me sad.

    • christian says:

      This is the most closeminded post I have read so far. I too live in Norway, and the reason we dont have this problem is not because the police are such wonderfull at their work or we dont have guns but because of our demographic and small part culture.

      Norway consist mostly of small towns of 5000-40000 people where there is no base or foundation for gang activity and so low demand for drugs its not profitable for drug lords (though there exist drug abuse, its extremely isolated due to the few number of inhabitants in the different regions)

      In the cities of Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen we do have gang problems and drug problems. Yes its very little, and mostly just in oslo we have shootings but it does happen every year around 30 gang related killings in Oslo. Though this does not sound like much one must also remember that gang shootings are exponential, the more incidents creating even more incidents in a fast spiral.

      The other reason is cultural and economical, in Norway we have strong knit communities with family bonds going back generations and huge support networks most important privatly, but also publically (wellfare). In USA you have slavery destroying the black families and huge resettlement of other ethnic families creating rifts and limited support networks for individuals. The other is economical, due to the cultural developments in USA and the loss of family values and virtues in all ethnic groups you have increased demand for destructive consumption of drugs which creates more gang violence and more importantly when the demand and market is big enough it creates brutal violence as we see in this video.

      There is nothing special about Norway or USA, they are all sociological, cultural and economical factors. In USA you have prefectly working communities too, and in Norway we have failing communities as well.

      Get over yourself and your primitive national pride.


      • Ken says:

        Very well said!


      • The Truth says:

        LOL Oslo does NOT have close to 30 gang murders a year, in 2011 the murder rate that year was 31 and the police solved 28 out of those murders and 2 got solved the following years.

        • seanfrank says:

          Solved? Lol. Not 30…..but 31? Lol smh

          • seanfrank says:

            And ftr everyone… Arkansas is not The US. lol. It is about 30 years behind the rest of the country.

            • yeroC says:

              im from LR AR n im 15 im not in a gang i also dont like what you said about AR

            • scm11478 says:

              Yeah don’t be like that. I grew up a small portion of my life in deep south Mississippi, and now that I’m living up north, I’m completely shocked at the degree of racism here up north. Blacks hating whites. Whites using the N-Word. The northern states like Pennsylvania, and Maryland, remind me of what Mississippi was like in the 1960’s. I wasn’t alive then, but the history is well documented.. Maybe the difference today is in the deep south, the ugliness of racism is still too fresh, that current generations inherently reject it, where as the Northern states have forgotten, and ugly behaviors are once again on the rise.

        • scm11478 says:

          Okay, first I’d like to say that what you’re seeing in the USA, is designed anarchy to keep the ‘worker bee’ class, and impoverished, far away from the wealth of the Global Elite.

          They seek a Global Government, and they know they have to collapse the USA from within, to achieve it. In David Rockefeller’s memoirs, he admits to being a Globalist. So they import drugs, dispersing them into the poorest communities, then they sit back and watch the chaos.

          That being said, history is filled with ups & Downs, for all nations.

          How many people did your Viking ancestors slaughter? Probably the same amount as my Visigothic ancestors in Germany did.

          Meantime while your comment is four years old, I today can say the same thing about you and your country.

          I am sad for you now. While we have sporadic terrorist attacks, we still haven’t imported as many unvetted Muslim immigrants from countries we KNOW have terrorists that wanna kill the west, as you and your surrounding countries have.

          Our women aren’t being molested, or sexually assaulted by new immigrants, to the degree it’s happening in all of the EU.. We cerebrated New Years Eve in peace without a thousand man mob of Muslim perverts molesting our women, as in Germany.

          Our Muslim communities were peaceful here.

          So once again, anarchy is rising in every country.. No one is immune.

          Stay safe. I hope you all preserve the history of your country, and your cultural identity. Id love to visit there some day, and see all the surrounding countries too. Vikings being from the same Visigoth migrations that beget the Germanic tribes, I have a huge interest in the Viking’s history..

  7. deadeyez187 says:

    lil ill bloody rock… nukka!

  8. Julia Walker says:

    The description of this video claims that gang violence has decreased since then, but gangs such as BOSS, Bogard, and Hoe Hop have started to recruit kids again. But, what it failed to mention is that the Bloods and Crips still have a very strong presence in Little Rock. Although it’s often said that gangs don’t start recruiting until high school, many kids are recruited as early as 5th grade. Also, school such as Pulaski Heights Middle School’s gang presence is strong enough that kids have been sent to the hospital over gang issues. As a middle class white girl, my life was threatened when I was friends with both Bloods and Crips. Also, false-claiming in schools is one of the highest offenses. For example, if you false claimed to be a Crip. You effectively angered the Bloods because they thought you were a Crip, and you angered the Crips because you were lying about being in the gang. I’ve seen kids move to a different state because they false claimed and had both gangs out for them.

    And for foreigners who don’t understand gang violence, you have to see that that’s all the kids know and have. They are raised in the streets and are expected to join gangs.
    ^^I am not defending them, I am simply stating their circumstances.

    • martin sims says:

      Very Well Written and intelligently thought out Julia, its a shame that some adults are not as intelligent!!!
      It’s just a sad part of life these days that children have to seek Love from strangers rather than Two Loving parents, Gangs don’t Love these Kids, they just want to use them for what they can get outta them as we all know, This IS all a very SAD Fact of life all over, not only in the US..

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