Gang War 2: Back in the Hood

Gang War 2: Back in the Hood

54 minutes 7.36/10 based on 28 votes

Filmmakers Marc Levin and Daphne Pinkerson return to Little Rock, Arkansas ten years after filming Gang War: Bangin’ in Little Rock, to revisit gang war survivor Leifel Jackson, onetime leader of The Original Gangster Crips, as he is released from prison.

Jackson, now trying to lead a straight life, starts speaking out to neighborhood kids, alongside former enemy and West Side Bloods leader Marvin Weathersby, about the perils of life on the streets.

Released 2004. Director: Marc Levin. Documentary film.

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7.36/10 (28 votes)

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3 responses to “Gang War 2: Back in the Hood”

  1. Doug says:

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  2. Mark Melvin says:


  3. RajaR says:

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