Court Cases Documentaries

One Killer Punch

This documentary shares three dramatic stories that highlight how one split second decision can change a person’s entire life. Ben Hayes decided to attend a party at the last minute.

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A Very Sicilian Justice

Taking On The Mafia

This film by Paul Sapin and Toby Follett is about the mafia in Italy. The life of a Sicilian judge Antonino Di Matteo is being threatened because he is chief prosecutor in an unprecedented trial against the mafia.

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Witch Hunt

Some Convictions are Criminal

DocumentaryStorm is proud to present “Witch Hunt,” a feature length documentary narrated by Sean Penn that tells the story of a small American city and the police’s witch-hunt that terrorized its citizens.

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TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard

Directed by Simon Klose TPB AFK (The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard) begins the day prior to the trial of the co-founders of the world’s largest file sharing site, The Pirate Bay.

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Lockerbie: Case Closed

This powerful film goes in search of answers to a 24-year-old mystery. In the only TV interview Megrahi has ever given about his case, he claims new evidence will prove him innocent.

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Confessions of an Innocent Man

This take-no-prisoners (please excuse the pun) exposĂ© of William Sampson’s time in a Saudi Arabia prison looks at the most jarring aspect of his treatment: he is clearly innocent.

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RiP! A Remix Manifesto

RIP! A Remix Manifesto, being officially backed up by the Canadian government, you will be astounded by what you see and what is openly discussed in this picture.

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Murder in Rome

This is a dramatized documentary of a famous Roman murder trial which established the law career of Cicero. Cicero is up against one of the finest prosecutors in the city – Erucius.

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One Minute To Nine

Married at 16 years old followed by over 20 years of violence left Wendy terrified. She summoned the courage to deal with her husband the only way she imagined would keep her and her kids safe from his abuse: by killing him.

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