Hollywood’s Most Secretive Religious Relic: E-Meter Testing

Hollywood’s Most Secretive Religious Relic: E-Meter Testing

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Join Rocco Castoro as he heads out to Union Square and gives random passersby E-meter readings to determine their spiritual and moral fiber.
The Hubbard Electrometer, E-meter for short, is a “religious artifact” used to measure the state of electrical characteristics in the static field surrounding the body. E-meters operate almost like lie detectors. They rely on a type of electrical circuit called a wheatstone bridge which measures the subject’s galvanic skin response. This reading is obtained through the palms, as the person is asked to grip a metal roll in each hand.
What happens next is that the device produces a small electrical current, and measures the subject’s electrical resistance to that current.
Trained E-meter auditors analyze the current resulting from the person’s answers to various questions that can supposedly determine whether or not a person is spiritually pure. It gives information about an individual’s spiritual being and whether or not the person was able to rid himself or herself of negative past spiritual experiences.
The device comes in a hard plastic briefcase for easy transportation, but it’s not accessible to just anyone. Only members of a certain organization are allowed to get their hands on an E-meter. Officials of this organization have clarified that the E-meter should only be used in church-sanctioned auditing sessions.

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Rating: 6.9/10 based on 10 votes

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