Life in a Day

Life in a Day

95 minutes 6.63/10 based on 81 votes

Life in a Day, in our opinion, is one of the most charming documentaries ever made. The entire documentary takes place over the span of one day on Earth.  July 24, 2010.  Ridley Scott asked people from all over the world to document their day and upload it to YouTube. This is the result. BRILLIANT.

On July 24, 2010 a lot happened – for some. Nothing happened, for others. Riots, Sex, Love, Marriage, Death, Boredom, Adventure, Sleep, Work. People uploaded their day to YouTube and Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald waded through tens of thousands of hours of footage. They saw thousands of people taking showers, walking their dogs, having breakfast, going to work.  In Japan, Canada, Denmark, South Africa, France, the United States, China and everywhere else: a day was lived. What were YOU doing on July 24, 2010? It’s fun to try and remember.

While watching this documentary it will occur to you: there are many ways to live a day. You don’t have to be in your room all day. You don’t have to stay in the city of your birth until you die.

What did you do today?

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6.63/10 (81 votes)

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23 responses to “Life in a Day”

  1. Tina says:

    Wow, this WAS amazing. I agree about it being Oscar worthy. I’ve always cringed at how many strangers on YouTube would like nothing better than to sing me an off-key song on their ukelele and rant about last night’s American Idol. But, this documentary has just made me think about YouTube in a new and very positive day. Nicely Done!

    • Stanley Anderson says:

      Today I woke up to the alarm, made eggs, walked the dog, drove to work while listening to a Lou Reed album (New York), put in 8 hours doing something that I don’t completely hate, came home, and now I’m making my daughter and wife dinner. Hey, not bad. I’ll take it.

  2. Wes Deen says:

    Amazing documentary.. makes you think how great this little blue planet and its inhabitants are. So many different things happen in one beautiful day and this documentary captured that perfectly. My July 24, 2010 was spent floating down the Yellowstone River in Montana.

  3. Michelle says:

    Fantastic! I would have never known this existed except for my self described “doc nerd” friend. Amazing visuals, beautiful people and perfect music. My day today was boring but it was mine. Thank you to all of the people who shared their day with all of us.

  4. 01 10 says:

    Really good. I saw the ‘adverts’ or whatever for this/heard about it…didn’t have high expectations…but I really liked it! Can’t say much about what I didn’t like, maybe the title? I mean this was a great montage, not a documentary;I’d call it a snapshot, montage of the people of earth on a given day. It was great. The sound team did an amazing job!!!!!Oscar worthy. They took some ordinary day to day tasks and by the power and placement of the music transformed those moments into something special. Definitely worth the watch!

    I spent today: wasted. yet another day wasted away. so many precious breaths wasted. Because, I just don’t care anymore. :( Incomplete and all alone. Lost and forgotten. Not trying to figure myself out. Just repeating the same old routines. A robot of the mundane. You could(should?) call me insane. :( and I cry.

    Me(whoever I am)

  5. K says:

    This is truly beautiful. I was not expecting that after reading the comments and description. Wow, what a journey.

  6. Pamela says:

    It’s shocking and horrible when the humans kill the animal. Please try to get through YOUR day without participating in the destruction of life. Namaste.

  7. Jens says:

    It’s beautiful to get an insight into other peoples lives like this. Thank you!

  8. marina says:

    Really really good and DIFFERENT! I loved it!

  9. basicdesign says:

    Thumbs up. Thanks.
    Today I let the chicken out, checked them up to see if they were alright, fed them & talked to them some, had a go around the field with the light frost on the grass in company of my dog, then spent the rest of the day doing accountancy in readiness for the tax declaration (not so enjoyable, need-to-be-done evil, worth a rhyme to trespass over the sublime of boredom). It’s peaceful and in contrast to the years I spent on the street waiting in expectancy of the next trap, the next knife, the next gun pointed at me, all of which makes me more deeply appreciate the colours of the rising sun. Grateful that here is a place in the world where there is more choice than a good handful of other places about what to do with one’s life. A thought for those who live in such places, more than once in a day.

  10. Jamesandthegiantpeach00 says:

    I did Heroin(no lie)

  11. Collin says:

    I loved this so much. I teared up 3 or 4 times. I consider my life so normal, too normal, but this makes me feel like it is just one (necessary?) thread in a huge tapestry. Makes me real glad to be here.

  12. hoochiemama says:

    We are one!

  13. anton blino says:

    loved it ,the contrasting cultures,real as it gets. Western world wake up.We are so fortunate and many don,t know it.Thank you enjoyed immensely.

  14. diwani says:

    really enjoyed the movie. i spend my day watching documentaries, i wasnt able to get out of bed since i had fever and a really bad cold :-)

    • DocumentaryStorm says:

      Hey Diwani, super happy to hear that we kept you company while you were sick. Get well soon!

  15. * says:

    i stopped it at the point you showed killing animals. that really didnt have to be shown. There should be a warning about that if you were going to show that. not impressed and spoiled a perfectly good documentary. will not watch the rest now.

  16. NK says:

    How such a simple idea can give you so much. Watching this affected my way of thinking, looking at things,at the world, differently. How at this moment, so many things are happening and people do not realise.Right now baby’s are being born,people die, people cry, people are happy,people like you, like me,like us. So much emotions. So many bad and good things happening right now. It’s amazing and in the meantime sad. Great job to the producer. This is a documentary everyone should watch!

  17. MARCIO says:

    2 thumbs up! Good job editing room staff on this film

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