Medical Genocide

Medical Genocide

Hidden Mass Murder in China's Organ Transplant Industry

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China, the most populated country on Earth has developed a thriving organ transplant industry. Previously, the government indicated that the organs were harvested from prisoners on death row or from donors, but discoveries that came to light in 2006 have shown that this is not always the case. Innocent men and women, non-consenting prisoners of conscience, are being murdered on demand in secret detention facilities throughout the country.

China has now become the only country in the world where a government-run industrial program kills people and sells their organs.

The evidence that this was taking place was first published by David Kilgour and David Matas in July 2006. They then went on to co-write a book called Bloody Harvest. Another independent journalist named Ethan Gutmann later published his own conclusions drawn from different sources in his book The Slaughter in 2014. All three of them were nominated for the Nobel Peace Price.

The US Congress, The British Parliament, The European Parliament and the Canadian Parliament held hearings as soon as the information was received. However, it’s very difficult to determine exactly how many victims there have been and how large the transplant industry really is. Just by researching the data offered by two transplant hospitals, investigator were able to discard the information given by the government which was that only 10,000 transplants were done per year.

Investigators discovered that over 1,000 hospitals applied for permits to continue doing transplants from the Ministry of Health just in 2007. An actual estimate is that close to 100,000 transplants are being done per year. One expert stated that the number of transplants saw a 30-fold increase in only six years.

Organ transplantation has now become a high priority in China’s national strategy. China International Transplantation Network Assistance Center  (CITNAC) even listed transplant prices for foreigners on their website, bringing in nine or ten billion dollars per year.

One particular aspect struck researchers and it was the fact that unlike anywhere else in the world, these transplants were being done on demand. In countries with advanced donation and allocation systems, patients sometimes wait years for a donor to become available, in China the wait is only weeks.  CITNAC website proudly states that China carries out kidney transplant from living sources unlike Japan that uses cadaveric kidney transplants.

What is going on here? Find out more by watching this controversial film now.

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