China: Inventing Innovation?

China: Inventing Innovation?

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China cannot maintain its historic economic growth unless it starts pushing innovation in ways that the United States has never imagined.  One city in China has announced a program to create an army of Steve Jobs type innovators over the next five years. The government has given orders for its citizens to become more creative.


For years, China has been promoting a policy of “indigenous innovation” – favouring domestic firms who develop their own technologies.

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5.57/10 (7 votes)

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7 responses to “China: Inventing Innovation?”

  1. Leishina says:

    Screw the Russians: the Chinese are coming!

  2. Ned says:

    The Chinese government is doing something right… got to give them that much. Problem is, a program in America that ‘ordered’ people to be innovative would never fly.

  3. madscirat says:

    Innovation never comes from some imposed order. Just as the individual can not force themselves to be creative, a society can not force it’s people to be original. Innovation flows when people are free to choose and when businesses are free to compete. Neither of these states exist in China. Granted they barely exist anywhere but especially not in China.

  4. JohnZee says:

    Sad propaganda. If so impossible please explain the enforced heavy industrialization of the Soviet Union during Stalin’s reign. If the end result was not an industrialized country that was perceived as being somewhat comparable to the United States technology wise than how could they be considered a technological equal.

    Or for that matter if you’re dropping the word “never” that doesn’t really explain the FACT that the Soviets were in Space before the United States.

    Silly silly propaganda. Hope at the very least this documentary made you feel better about yourself.

  5. deldiablo says:

    FREEDOM is a must in order to be creative! Slaves can never be creative, a slave master can never teach his slave to be creative. Monkey see Monkey do is all you will ever get from a captive group.

  6. Bubbleeshuz says:

    I think the Chinese should innovate a way out of the economic grave they’ve been digging for us.

  7. shinyboy says:

    “China’s joint ventures to syphon out… drive out other countries.. using a whole array of unfair practices to be #1.” ~~~ Robert Atikinson.

    That’s funny, didn’t the USA do that for ages… starting with Native Indians… lol… Funny how whining always happens when the spoiled leader falls off the high-chair with less candy weekends.

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